Thursday, February 5, 2009

CIPA Compliance

I'm curious to find out how other district's handle the "delicate" nature of this issue. CIPA compliance is vital to maintain when using online resources in school. However, this does create some roadblocks when trying to introduce these educational/collaboration tools into the educational environment.

Ideally, it would be great if every online resource had some sort of moderation before it gets posted. For example, in Gaggle (filtered email/blogging/chatting) you can set any post to have to be approved before it goes up online. Also, WikiSpaces is nice where you can set your wiki to private so only members can view, and any time a change is made to the wiki the "administrator" would get notified. While this doesn't totally eliminate bad things from happening (bullying/swearing etc) it does help.

There are so many great resources out that I'd like to push but it is a matter of finding the right way to introduce it while still following CIPA compliance guidelines.

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