Monday, May 11, 2009


Artopia is a terrific new site that I just learned about from reading Kelly Tenkley's wonderful blog. It is a place where teacher's can create "digital portfolios" of their student's art work. Also, it is a site where student's can learn about: sculpture, painting, theater, dance, music, artisits, etc.

Below is a direct quote from Artopia on the guidelines regarding student work.

Since, they are responsible for uploading student's work, I would assume they abide by a strict CIPA/COPPA policy. The kinds of data you can upload for approval are: pics, audio, video.

Another great feature to Artopia are the lessons plans that you can download by clicking in the teacher resources area. From here you can setup student/class accounts for your students to upload/review their work.

Below, is a pic of the "sculpture" section of Artopia. Each section has a resource, artist, movies, section which allows users to click on. The movies are flash based (Brian Pop-esque) and run for about a minute. They cover a wide range of information; from the history of art to "how to" tutorials.
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