Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hakia is a new (beta) search engine that focuses on semantics. What this means is it has the ability to search more effectively then other search engines by incorporating these three things: results come from credible Web sites recommended by librarians, represent the most recent information available, and remain absolutely relevant to the query.

The semantic web is the evo
lution of the internet and how data is searched/retrieved. The common term for this is "web 3.0". This can be summed up best by quoting directly from their site, "Semantic search technology enables accurate retrieval of information via concept or meaning match. The technology is effective, as it is perhaps the only method that can be appropriately applied to credible and dynamic content. Most of this type of content is statistically flat (infertile) for popularity algorithms (conventional search engines like Google) to work effectively beyond common queries. "

I must say after using it I am really impressed w/ what I have seen. Europeana has a very similar search engine built into their site. I highly recommend you check out both of them to see where the web is heading.

Below is a pic o
f the search results, notice how you can check on/off credible sites.

Give Hakia a try by clicking here.

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