Monday, July 19, 2010

Top 10 Search Engines

A search engine is a website to designed to search for information on the web and then display a wide range of results. Google has always been my favorite one but recently there have been an abundance of other sites that I've found to be very useful for educators. Below is my list of top 10 search engines other than Google.

Top 10 Search Engines
  1. Eyeplorer - A unique and excellent search engine designed around a wheel format that lets a user take notes via an online widget.
  2. Oamos - A wonderful visual experience that is unlike anything else around.
  3. Quintura - A fun "tag cloud" style site that lets users embed word chains into a site.
  4. BevyFind - A search engine that speeds up the searching process by combing different elements into one page.
  5. Kngine - An excellent "web 3.0" search engine built on semantics.
  6. Spezify - Get visual results w/ a sticky type interface that incorporates all sorts of media content.
  7. Scoopler - One of the best real-time search engines on the way w/ a built in button to share results across multiple social networks.
  8. Webkruz - Get search results in visual thumbnails w/ blurbs of text underneath.
  9. Sputtik - A great way to search for results on the web w/ a variety of content covered in different visual ways.
  10. Feedmil - A nice way to search where users can adjust their results via a sliding panel that controls the searching criteria.
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  1. To be Web literate, students (and adults!) need to learn the whole panoply of search options available to them. This is a terrific list of alternatives. We've created SweetSearch, A Search Engine for Students, and SweetSearch4Me for emerging learners; each searches only Websites that have been evaluated & approved by research experts.

  2. That is a great one too, I did a brief review on a while back, thanks!!! I tweeted just now about it too!!!

  3. Mark, thank you for including Quintura Kids into your top 10 list. It has iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch application at


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