Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 10 Sites for Images and Clip Art

Finding images on the internet for educators to use has been a common problem problem for many alike. This can happen for a number of reason such as: copy right privileges, inappropriateness, etc etc.

While there are a number of paid solutions for finding images such as Nettrekker or Discovery Streaming, there are a number of free alternatives that work nicely as well.

However, keep in mind that most of the sites listed below do not have built in filters for images. These image search engines should be used either by educators (adults assisting students) or go in hand in hand w/ a school district filtering solution and Acceptable Use Policy.

Top 10 Sites for Images & Clip Art

  1. Pics4Learning - A very popular site to find free safe to use images for teachers and students.
  2. - A search engine that searches the most popular free image engines around and provides a nice one stop shopping of sorts.
  3. School Clip Art - A great site for free school clip art.
  4. Ookaboo - A nice creative commons (free) site for finding great images for class work.
  5. Picsearch - Excellent image search engine if used w/ a district's filtering solution.
  6. Veezzle - A wonderful free stock photo search engine.
  7. Google Swirl - An innovative way to search for images and see their relationships w/ each other (use w/ Google Safe Search enabled).
  8. Free Photo Bank - An easy way to find creative common images.
  9. Open Clip Art - A great way to find free clip art to use.
  10. Find Icons - A nice site for free icons.
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  1. The problem with, the only one from this list that I tried, is that it points at commercial content. I tried just one word, bridges, and was presented with watermarked, commercial content.


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