Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 10 Sites for Note Taking

Taking notes is a skill that is an everyday occurrence that happens in education and is often over looked. While using a paper and pencil is passe, technology and more specifically the internet has allowed educators and students to take note taking to the next level. That being said, most of the following sites use some form of the "post-it" or "sticky" but w/ the integration of "web 2.0" technologies.

Top 10 Sites for Note Taking
  1. Wall Wisher - One of the most popular "post-it" note style sites on the web. These notes can includes all type of media, such as text, photos, and music. Fun and very easy to use!!
  2. Primary Wall - A sticky note site designed for teachers and students to post notes in real time. Filtering of notes can be done for a fee based subscription.
  3. Zendo - A great site for students that takes notes and turns them into flash cards for studying.
  4. Thoughtboxes - Create organized notes in color coordinated boxes and then share w/ others.
  5. Lino - A wonderful site for creating online sticky notes similar to Wall Wisher. These notes can be emailed to others individually. Also, a nice site to use on mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad.
  6. Catch - A nice site for capturing notes in different types of media. Ideal to use on mobile devices.
  7. Corkboard.Me - Create a bulletin board full of sticky notes and share w/ others via a unique URL.
  8. Edistorm - A very user friendly site to use to create collaborative sticky notes for brainstorming.
  9. Pindax - Create public or private boards filled w/ notes that can be commented on by other users. Also, has a nice chat feature in this unique online community.
  10. Scrumblr - A simple easy to use site for creating color coded notes.


  1. Great concise list of useful options. Thanks!

  2. I think the absolute best note taking system is Evernote. It's free and has a huge amount of features including web clipping, text notes, attaching other files to notes, sharing notes, and much more. I think all students and teachers should check it out.

  3. I recommend, as well. It's new but the feature list is growing!


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