Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thanks to the amazing blog iLearn technology by Kelley Tenkley, I was able to find out about Google Lab's, Swiffy. Swiffy is a great way to turn SWF (flash) files into html5. This is ideal when dealing w/ those stubborn video files that you can usual download from a free video site/app.

For example, I used to use Alice Storytelling quite a bit w/ 7-8th graders for digital storytelling. The final product would be an SWF file, which would be a pain to convert. Now w/ Google's Swiffy any flash file can be converted for free.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, think of all those mobile device users of Apple's iPad/iPod, they can now have all their flash content played right through Google, very nice!!!

Give Swiffy a try by clicking here!!
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  1. Folks,

    This is not the silver bullet for Flash Site owners.

    It will NOT convert your flash site into a mobile-friendly HTML5 version.

    It will ONLY convert old flash animations and banners made years ago using AS2.

    We can help :

    We can FULLY CONVERT your FLASH site into HTML5 ( powered by WordPress ) just 72hrs.

    Enabling your business to be :

    +Usable to 5 BILLION Smartphones

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