Project Based Learning

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kid Screen Time

Kid Screen Time is an excellent iOS app that is a scheduler that alerts parents/guardians when a child's time is up on their iOS device.  It kind of reminds me of the features I like of the Nabi which lets parents control and view their child's mobile device usage and behavior.  What makes this such a nice and neat little app is that it works for multiple children, alerts parents via texts, and has a fun engaging reward system for less time usage (a adult sets how long a person can be on a device).  Another nice feature are the control features that lets adults set weekend and weekly usage, as well as being able to have unlimited usage in the car.

I highly recommend checking out Kid Screen Time by clicking here!!!

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WordWriter is a fantastic new learning tool brought to you by the award winning Web 2.0 Collaborative Writing site,BoomWriter.  WordWriter is a amazingly simple tool to use that uses BoomWriter's innovative collaborative process to help students learn, develop, and enhance their writing/reading and vocabulary skills.

The way this works is a teacher signs in (using the free BoomWriter portal for creating/managing student accounts) and selects the WordWriter tab.  The educator then creates a WW project and selects which students to assign the project to.  After that, a word bank is developed (batch upload feature still to come) by typing in a word that a teacher wants to reinforce and develop for those students.  From there, teachers can type instructions to help guide students on their learning.  Students then login and using the very friendly user-interface create short stories or sentences that best use those words.

That's it!!

The innovative BoomWriter technology highlights the words used so a student doesn't have to keep track of the ones they use.  Also, teachers through the educational portal can assess students and see which projects are waiting to be approved or revised w/ the ability to leave comments.

Finally, students through using assigned vocab words and completing the assignment as well as through BoomWriter's collaborative voting process can earn "Boomer Bucks" to modify their avatar/Boomer. This makes it highly motivating for students as they can develop their character and track how many times their projects have been voted on. 

WordWriter is an ideal tool for helping w/ vocabulary, developing reading and writing skills, as well as easy to integrate into any subject or curriculum.

I highly recommend checking out WordWriter by clicking here!!!

For more on WordWriter check out their press release here.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Jeopardy Rocks

Jeopardy Rocks is a fun little free site that I just found out from Free Technology 4 Teachers for creating online Jeopardy games.  This is really easy to do just create a URL and then click on a square to create a question/answer.  Once a board is created it can then be shared w/ others via a URL and up to 6 teams can play.

I highly recommend checking out Jeopardy Rocks by clicking here!!!

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Great Websites for Kids

Great Websites for Kids is a nice collection of sites for kids up to 14 yrs old.  All sites have been reviewed and safe for kids to use.  Also, a student can browse through sites by topic, subject, or manually type in what they are looking for.

I recommend checking out Great Websites for Kids by clicking here!!!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Mix is a new (beta) site/app for creating stunning collaborative projects, presentations, or art work.  Right now they are accepting invites to get on a waiting list to use this impressive tool.  I can see this being used educators/students to create stunning collaborative projects/presentations w/ the ability to upload their "Mixs" to share w/ others.  Also, this is a nice place to find templates and other ideas to use in the classroom.

I recommend checking out Mix by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

Thanks so Larry Ferlazzo's blog for the tip!!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Win a Free Chromebook

Intel has started a contest for educators asking them to follow @IntelEDU on Twitter and then tweet what their favorite feature is of the Chromebook w/ the hashtag #IntelChromebooks.  Also, they have created a new site w/ excellent resources (i.e study guides, tips, etc.)  for teachers looking to integrate Chromebooks in their classrooms.  Well renown educators such as Naomi Harm, Erin Klein, Lisa Nielsen, and Vicki Davis shared their knowledge on apps, integration, and overall use of the Chromebooks as well.  There is even a forum for teachers to share their teaching and strategies for using Chromebooks and encouraged to share in the discussion.  Finally, there are sample tweets and infographics that can be download to share w/ others and help pass the word along for getting Chromebooks out there.

I highly recommend checking out Intel's new Chromebook site and rules for the free contest giveaway by clicking here!!!!

Splash Math

Splash Math is an excellent iPad app that can be downloaded by individual grade or in a complete package of 1st-5th.  Splash Math is a very visual app that uses educational games and activities to teach Math skills in the different grade levels.  These apps are aligned to Common Core Standards, track student progress in real-time, is self paced for each individual learning, and has lots of resources such as worksheets and more.

I highly recommend checking out Splash Math by clicking here!!!

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