Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Owl Eyes

Owl Eyes is an innovative site that lets teachers create "classrooms" where their students can read and interact w/ texts.  Student's are able to select through a wide variety of literature and then annotate the text.  This is helpful as they can take notes and pickup right where they left off when reading.  Best of all, the teacher tools allows educators to create quizzes to assess how students are doing and they can even track/manage their student accounts.  Educators are using Owl Eyes in a number of different ways such as: differentiating instruction or flipping a classroom.

I highly recommend checking out Owl Eyes by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

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QuizPedia is a free new site or app (iOS/Android) for creating quizzes.  QuizPedia takes a unique spin on quiz creation making students the creator of the quiz.  This helps increase their learning knowing that their content will be viewed by others, as well as help their competency w/ technology.

However, this does not mean that teachers can't use QuizPedia, as the educational portal allows teachers to create quizzes them and share w/ students as well as track their progress and accounts.  Also, they can share their quizzes w/ other educators, copy/paste already created quizzes to save time or use as a template, and partake in the QuizPedia forum.

I highly recommend checking out QuizPedia by clicking here!!!

Click here if you want to see a QuizPedia example.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Animatron is a new free online animation creator (i.e. reminds me of PowToon) that makes it easy for students/educators to create stunning presentations.  Educators are using this to introduce subjects/topics or for explanation videos for professional development.  While students are using it for digital storytelling, to create presentations, and much much more.  Also, Animatron makes it easy to work in groups by allowing students to collaborate/create in real-time on multiple devices.

I highly recommend checking out Animatron by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

Check out their education page w/ examples by clicking here.

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Spiral is a new suite of educational tools for the classroom. Below is a summary of their press release...

"Spiral is a suite of free collaborative classroom tools for 1:1 devices and can be accessed anywhere, anytime with just a browser and internet connection. There are 3 apps - each designed for different types of activities.

Quickfire is great for quizzes, class warm-ups and getting rapid responses from students. The students just need to log in on their personal devices to answer questions or use the canvas feature to annotate or draw their responses.

Discuss works well for encouraging class discussions, collaboration, and engaging the whole class. Teachers can either upload a presentation or make one from scratch before adding questions to generate relevant conversation.

Team Up is best for facilitating group work and getting students to work together. Teachers can assign students to groups, appoint a team leader, and set a problem for each group to solve. The students can then research and contribute their ideas to the team leader, who will assemble the team’s ideas in the form of a presentation. Students can go on to present their ideas on the whiteboard and critique each other’s work.

Finally, Spiral allows you to access your lesson data from your interactions which makes it much easier to carry out formative assessment and monitor student progress accurately!"

Below is a demo...

I highly recommend checking out Spiral by clicking here!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Answer Pad

The Answer Pad is an awesome teacher tool that has two powerful functionalities: it is both a student response system with a focus on drawing and "show what you know", and a grading solution for your teacher created quizzes.  It is browser based for teachers, and works on any device (BYOD), browser or on free apps for iOS or Android for students.  It is an ideal tool for engaging students for any grade/subject area, and turning a classroom paperless.

New Features


  • Quick Connect - no student registration required or prep time for teachers (login via a code).
    • quick checks for understanding by just asking questions and sending a response type make it super simple.
    • draw tool can easily be sent out for students to work through a problem etc.
  • Feedback - color and text feedback w/ the unlock so that students can retry their answer.
  • Broadcast - teachers can send out one of the students responses to the entire class.  This is great way for classroom discussion w/ the names hidden.
    • Hide names, send out a multi-step problem.  Students complete the first step and classroom discusses the anonymous responses.  As a group decide which answer is best and broadcast response to entire class.
    • Yes or No, students discuss response and incorrect response can be sent to group to correct.
  • Send a Web Page - Teacher can send a web page, video, etc to students so they can view w/out having to leave the interactive session.
Answer Sheet
  • Essay question and multiple correct multiple choice question types now available.  These work in conduction w/ the built-in scratch pad that allows a teacher to see and give partial credit for work.
  • Live Monitor - watch live as students work through an assessment
More resources

I highly recommend checking out Answer Pad by clicking here!!!!

Below is a demo video...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


WriteReader is an excellent learning tool for grades K-4 to help students w/ their Reading and Writing.  This is done through a educational portal where educators can create an account and then share a unique code for students.  Also, this portal allows for teachers to manage/monitor student accounts and track progress.  Best of all, there are lots of resources for educators such as: tutorials, lesson plans aligned to Common Core Standards, and more.

WriteReader also allows students to create digital books in a safe environment (i.e. comment moderation, Google Safe image search, etc) and share them w/ others.

I highly recommend checking out WriteReader by clicking here!!!

For WriteReader lesson plans click here.

Below is a brief demo...

Monday, September 19, 2016


MathMonsterZ is a super fun, new, free mobile (iOS/Android) app for basic Math skills (i.e. addition, subtraction, etc.).  Users familiar w/ the popular card games Pokemon and Magic the Gathering will feel right at home w/ MathMonsterZ, as it follows the same pattern/theme.  Students can play against their friends, teachers, or parents using the same device by taking turns trying to solve the equation.  Also, they can practice by Smashing Pumpkinz or Flying Batz and earn points to advance levels and order actual playing cards.  There is even a Lighting Round where students can play against each other and see what questions they got wrong.  Finally, users can actually order Monster cards to play collect and play at home they way they would other card games.

I highly recommend checking out MathMonsterz by clicking here!!!