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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Brownie Points

Brownie Points is an excellent free iPad app for Math grades K-7th.  This app uses an incentive based learning system to help students w/ their basic Math skills in areas such as: addition, multiplication, algebra, geometry, etc.  When a student finishes their lessons they earn "brownie points" that allows to unlock and play pre approved apps/games.  Best of all Brownie Points tracks all students progress and is aligned to Common Core Standards.

I highly recommend checking out Brownie Points by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo video...

Introduction to Brownie Points from Brownie Points on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


QuBowl is a innovative quizzing platform that I just found out about from Technology & Learning.  This site allows educators to quiz students and then track their progress.  This is ideal for differentiate instruction as well as finding where a student's strength and weakness lies.  Also, there is a moderator section that allows teachers to create tournaments for their students.  This is a great way to help teach any subject.

I highly recommend checking out QuBowl by clicking here!!!

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Noteimals is a fun little free iOS app for teaching youngsters musical notes and the piano keyboard (If only I had this when I was learning how to play the piano when I was 5).  The way this works is the musical notes takes on shapes of animals (think Mario Paint SNES) making it easier to learn notes.  Users can choose a song to play through or create their own music in "Free Play" mode.

I highly recommend checking out Noteimals by clicking here!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

10 Sites for Creating Graphic Organizers

"A graphic organizer, also known as knowledge map, concept map, story map, cognitive organizer, advance organizer, or concept diagram, is a communication tool that uses visual symbols to express knowledge, concepts, thoughts, or ideas, and the relationships between them.[1] The main purpose of a graphic organizer is to provide a visual aid to facilitate learning and instruction.[1]"  

Graphic Organizers are used daily in education for any curriculum to help teach any subject (i.e. mind maps, brainstorms, etc.)   Being a great learning tool for visual learners, websites have made it easy to make beautiful looking graphic organizers.

*This list is in alphabetically order

10 Sites for Creating Graphic Organizers

  1. Exploratree - A great visual site for creating a mind map w/ lots of templates.
  2. Mind42 - Nice collaborative mind mapping site w/ lots of templates and easy to use.
  3. MindMeister - Beautiful looking mind mapping site w/ the ability to embed into a site or blog.
  4. MindMup - A easy to use site for creating brainstorms or mind maps.
  5. Mindomo - One of my favorite brainstorming apps that also lets a user flip their classroom, collaborate, comment, and much more.
  6. Popplet - A excellent app that allows students to think and learn visually by brainstorming and mind mapping.
  7. Storyboard That - A excellent site w/ educational portal that educators are using in a variety ways, such as creating timelines, storyboards, graphic organizers (t-charts, grids, etc.), and more.
  8. TotSplash - A fun site for creating and organizing ideas into a brainstorm or mind map.
  9. Webspiration Classroom - From the creators of Inspiration a very popular web based program for creating visual brainstorms that can then be turned into an outline w/ a click of a button. 
  10. WiseMapping - a great site for creating visual mind maps and brainstorms.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is absolutely one of my favorite sitse for finding worksheets and printables in a wide variety of subjects.  Also, this is a great site for finding other educational resources such as: custom puzzle/worksheet/crosswords generators, Smart Board files, and more.  Almost every resource at STW is aligned to Common Core Standards and very easy to use.

I highly recommend checking out Super Teacher Worksheets by clicking here!!!

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30hands Learning

30hands Learning is the excellent company for creating an innovative LMS (Learning Management System) as well as the popular mobile iOS apps that are ideal for digital storytelling (30hands Starter (free), 30hands Pro (paid)).  The 30hands community is a perfect cloud based solution that allows educators to: manage/track students, hand in/out assignments, sched
ule events, and more.  While the mobile apps are being used in education for project based learning, digital storytelling, and more.

30hands has lots of exciting news on the horizon...

This Fall, we will be adding new functionality to 30hands Pro based on user feedback. At the same time, we will have to impose some limits on the free Starter version in order to be able to sustain the product. 

After upgrading to Pro, users will have access to existing advanced features and new features in the works:
• Video clips as slides
• Google Drive + Dropbox Integration
• Importing of Google Slides and PDFs as 30hands slides
• Backgrounds and scenes
• Higher quality videos
• Advanced drag-and-drop drawing with editing (Aug 2015)
• Slide sharing with parents and students (Fall 2015)
• Slide Transitions (Fall 2015)
• Unlimited presentations
• Unlimited saves to Camera Roll

Districts that purchase 30hands Pro will get free or discounted professional development (depending on licenses purchased). The PD can be onsite or virtual and selected from our areas of expertise: Digital Storytelling, PBL, Blended Learning, Teaching Coding, and Teaching Entrepreneurship. 

30hands Learning is putting 20% of the net sales of 30hands Pro toward helping kids without hands get a 3D dream hand. Your students can help by printing a hand, assembling a hand, designing a hand, telling a story or buying 30hands Pro.

For more info on how your school can participate, email
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Friday, August 28, 2015


Otus is a innovative new mobile learning system for the iPad.  This is an excellent free easy to use tool that educators around the world are using to seamlessly integrate technology into their classroom.  W/ the free iPad app educators can track assignments, assess students, poll, browse the web, take attendance, and more.  It is a complete all-in-one solution for the mobile learning environment.  Educators can even "flip" a lesson for at home instructions.  Also, the simple to use split-screen allows students to take notes while working on assignments.

*Now for any browser based device.

Below is a brief demo video...

I highly recommend checking out Otus by clicking here!!!

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