Saturday, October 24, 2009

Museum Box

Museum Box is an excellent site that I just found out about from Zarco English, a great blog. This is such a unique site that the only thing I really can compare it to is Digital Vaults.

MB is a site where users can upload their digital content (audio, video, pics, etc) into a "box". Those boxes are then used to defend different perspectives throughout historical times. What does this mean? This means that this is a very good site for history teachers who like to challenge their students to defend different view points throughout history.

Also, w/ MB being a site w/ an educational portal nothing inappropriate can get posted since it has to be reviewed by a teacher/administrator.

I highly recommend giving Museum Box a look by clicking here!!

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  1. I really like that students defend their viewpoints with different media! This definitely supports the higher level critical thinking skills! Thank you for your continuous dedication in evaluating educational websites!


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