Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 10 Sites for Creating Digital Comics

Creating Digital Comics has been one of my favorite thing to do w/ students when trying to integrate technology. While this can be done w/ any number of applications such as Comic Life or Toon Boom, there are many online alternatives (mostly free) that offer up a nice solution as well.

Top 10 Sites for Creating Digital Comics
  1. Pixton - Has an educational portal (paid) that is ideal for schools (no student email account necessary). Also, there are a ton of options such as voice recording, drag-n-drop interface, and importing/exporting features.
  2. ToonDoo Spaces - One of the most popular online comic creators that is very similar to Pixton, w/ the ability to create a private space for education for sharing/collaborating on comics.
  3. Comic Master - A very nice looking site that is user friendly w/ lots of features to choose from such as: backgrounds, objects, speech bubbles, etc.
  4. Bitstrips - Is a great site w/ an educational instance (paid) that allows students to create comics in a safe/secure environment.
  5. Stage'D - A great looking site for creating animated comics!!
  6. Make Beliefs Comix - A wonderful site w/ lots of options to choose from that even lets users create comics in Spanish.
  7. Super Hero Squad Show - A fun site for kids to make comics off of their favorite Marvel super hero.
  8. Chogger - A nice site for creating a comic w/ the ability to create a drawing from scratch.
  9. Comic Creator - From Read Write & Type, a easy/simple to use comic creator that is nice to use w/ the younger kids.
  10. Witty Comics - A comic creation site that focuses more on creating text more then anything else.


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