Sunday, October 2, 2011


Gnowledge is a site I've blogged about in the past but decided to do another post on because of some upcoming exciting news. It's no secret (at least I hope not) that Gnowledge is one of the best sites around for creating tests but did you know they also offer lots of other great items as well.

Gnowledge is going to be offering off a bunch of free iPhone 5's. This is very exciting and easy to sign up for, click here for more info!! Also, people can purchase items from the Gnowledge store, such as T-Shirts and stickers.

Finally, I just want to remind everybody that Gnowledge is not just a place to create tests, but it is a social network too, where people can share, view, and collaborate all online. Top that off w/ one of the most visually stunning/innovating sites online, makes Gnowledge a definite winner!!!

I highly recommend checking out Gnowledge by clicking here!!!

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