Wednesday, May 29, 2013

40 Sites and Apps for Creating Presentations

Creating a presentation or slideshow is one of the staples of any 21st Century Classroom.  This is a skill that almost every educator has and is a must known skill for any successful student.  It used to be that only programs such as PowerPoint could create presentations.  However, now there are lots of sites and apps that not only creating stunning presentations but also make it easier then ever.  Below is my list of some of my favorite tools for creating beautiful looking presentations/slideshows.

*This list is in alphabetical order.

40 Sites & Apps for Creating Presentations

  1. 9Slides - A wonderful site and app for adding video/audio narration to a presentation.  Ideal for professional development or teaching a lesson.
  2. Animoto - One of the most popular sites/apps for creating beautiful looking slideshows w/ an educational portal.
  3. AuthorStream - A great way to upload PPT presentations and share them w/ others similar to Slideshare.
  4. Aximedia Slideshow Creator - A wonderful Android app for creating stunning looking slideshows.
  5. Biteslide - A fantastic site for creating interactive presentations that contain all types of media w/ educational portal, where teachers create student accounts.
  6. Electric Slide - Is a nice iOS app that allows users to present all styles of presentations (PPT, Keynote, etc) wirelessly.
  7. eMaze - A nice site that is a cross between Prezi and PP that allows users to zoom around their presentation.  Best of all, a finished presentation can be embedded into a site.
  8. Flixtime - A cool site for mixing photos, videos, and music to create a stunning presentation.
  9. Haiku Deck - A amazing iPad app for creating beautiful looking presentations w/ the ability to upload Creative Commons licensed photos as well as creating charts and graphs.
  10. HelloSlide - A innovative site that allows a user to add narration to their presentations simply by typing in text.
  11. Kizoa - A fun site for creating slideshows or collages w/ a built in photo editor.
  12. Knovio - A nice site for adding video or audio to a powerpoint presentation.  Ideal for Pecha Kucha style presentations.
  13. Magisto - A cool way to create a presentation w/ this video mash-up site/app.
  14. Muvee Cloud - Another nice video mash-up site that creates fun looking movies/presentations by mixing and matching video and music.
  15. Narrable - An innovative site for adding audio to photos to create an engaging slideshow.
  16. Netclick - While Netclick is more of a "student response system" it is a great way to engage an audience through the use of an interactive slideshow.
  17. One True Media - A fantastic video mash-up site for mixing video, audio, and images to creating stunning presentations.
  18. PhotoPeach - One of my favorite sites/apps for creating an interactive slideshow w/ educational portal.  A user can also create a quiz embedded into a slideshow as well.
  19. Photoshow (Roxio) - A nice site for creating slideshows w/ photos, videos, and music, and sharing publicly or privately.
  20. PhotoSnack - A fun site for creating slideshows for blogs, FB, or Twitter.
  21. Popcorn Maker - One of the easiest video mash-ups sites around to creating stunning presentations.
  22. PowToon - Is a new (beta) and wonderful site for creating amazing animated slideshows/presentations.
  23. - A great site for "flipping" your classroom by adding a video narration side by side to a slideshow.
  24. Reel - A simple site for uploading presentations to garner feedback and self assessment.
  25. - Create a beautiful looking presentation w/ images and music.
  26. Slideful - A fun site for creating beautiful looking slideshows.
  27. Sliderocket - A easy to use site for creating visually engaging slideshows, recently purchased by ClearSlide.
  28. Slideroll - A nice site/app to create slideshows and publish them on the web.
  29. Slideshare - One of the most popular sites around for uploading and sharing presentations in a secure environment.
  30. SlideShark - A nice iOS app for view and editing PPT on the iPhone or iPad.
  31. Slideshow Creator - SSC on Google+ is probably one of the most popular way to create slideshows in a safe environment for students.
  32. Smilebox - A very popular site for creating beautiful looking slideshows, collages, presentations and more.
  33. Soo Meta - A wonderful site for "flipping" a classroom and creating excellent looking presentations that can be embedded into a blog or site.  Also, there are nice features such as: the ability to embed a poll into a presentation, track usages statistics, and more.
  34. Speaker Deck - A great site for uploading a PDF then turning them into a slideshow that can be embedded into a site or blog.
  35. Swipe - A new (private beta) site for creating beautiful looking slideshows that can be used on any device.
  36. TotSplash - An innovative presentation and brainstorming tool for creating engaging presentations that can be embedded into a site/blog.
  37. Vivapitch - A nice plugin for PPT and Android to engage audiences on mobile devices.
  38. Vizlingo - A cool site for making a slideshow out of text.
  39. Vuvox - A great site for creating stunning presentations and slideshows.
  40. WebSlides - A neat way to turn Diigo bookmarks into interactive slideshows.


  1. This is so great that I came across this. Both my husband and I are I guess what someone might call "old school" as we still only know how to use power point to make presentations. I was so excited to see this list. We have a lot of learning to do.

  2. I really think you forgot Prezi...

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