Friday, July 24, 2015

Next Generation Vocabulary Instruction by BoomWriter

Trending Words feature lets data guide teachers in 21st century vocabulary instruction.

Last summer BoomWriter introduced WordWriter (, which lets teachers conduct short interactive application activities allowing them to access and enhance their students' understanding of key terms, figures, phrases, and dates.  BoomWrtier is now adding their Trending Words
( feature to BoomWriter, allowing teachers to select from top trending vocabulary used by other BoomWriter teachers while displaying the most popular words being taught for that month, in real-time, on a grade-by-grade basis.

The most common way for a student to learn vocabulary words and strengthen their comprehension is through mundane "drill-and-practice" exercises.  However, WordWriter lets educators take a student's vocabulary experience to the next level by creating a collaborative platform in which student's can learn and vote on the Vocabulary process.  Trending Words aids in this process by supplying teachers w/ the most popular words by subject and grade level.  This is ideal for new teachers, ones that have switched grade levels, and for those looking for a "NEW" way to guide their students' instruction pertaining to vocabulary.  This innovative process not only helps students learn vocabulary words but strengthens their comprehension skills as well.

"There's an obvious correlation between students' vocabulary levels and academic performance. WordWriter and our new Trending Words feature lets teachers deliver an engaging and interactive vocabulary development experience that their students are sure to love and benefit greatly from."  Ken Haynes,  Co-founder of BoomWriter 

I highly recommend checking out Trending Words by clicking here!!!

*BoomWriter is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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