Monday, September 14, 2015

The Answer Pad

The Answer Pad the fantastically simple mobile learning tool and student response system has been busy over the summer months.

Here is a list of some new functionality.

1.  Integrated with Google in a couple of ways... Single sign on for teachers and students. Upgraded users can upload images to the Template Gallery from Drive and can export saved work from Portfolio to Drive.

2. Broadcast: Upgraded teachers can now select as received response from the dashboard and send it back out to the entire group, which is great for working collaboratively through multi step problems.

3. Sharing Tests - all teachers can share answer sheets to other TAP users via email.
4. We just released Live Monitor also. This is for answer sheets. Teachers assign the quiz and can monitor the results live.

Answer Pad still is a great way to turn a classroom paperless and assess students learning in real-time on a iPad/mobile device.  Educators are using Answer Pad to differentiate instruction and for all subjects in any curriculum.

I highly recommend checking out Answer Pad by clicking here!!!!

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