Friday, September 15, 2017

BoomWriter Goes Global

BoomWriter is going global, officially!

Regular readers of this site are undoubtedly familiar with and know I’m a big fan of BoomWriter.  It’s a free site that lets teachers conduct collaborative fiction, nonfiction, and vocabulary-focused writing activities with their students.

Not only is BoomWriter a Google for Education Partner with a presence in tens of thousands of classrooms, they just announced they are now officially expanding their reach overseas by establishing a partnership with U.K. based Learning Technologies.  Learning Technologies promotes strategic partnerships with schools, academies and other educational institutions throughout the U.K. and have received accolades in the Services and Support category from the London-based BETT Awards. 

Gavin Hawkings, Head of Learning Technologies is thrilled with the partnership stating, “What we are seeing on our own and hearing directly from the teachers regarding students’ engagement levels while writing on BoomWriter has been immensely positive, and we’re excited to play a role in delivering this experience to many more classrooms throughout the U.K. in the future.”

The partnership kicked off last spring in the City of Wolverhampton, U.K. with BoomWriter facilitating a ‘Writing Bee’ type experience to the students collaboratively generating content centered around the district’s anti-bullying social curriculum that was being implemented.

According to Chris Twyman, CEO of BoomWriter, this collaboration won’t be limited to just BoomWriter and Learning Technologies.  “We’re thrilled by the growth this relationship will undoubtedly deliver, but what is equally exciting is the prospect of transatlantic collaborative writing events that’s sure to follow between U.S. and U.K. based classrooms using BoomWriter.”

Students in different countries working together to generate and publish original content sounds like a tremendous use of educational technology.  Go BoomWriter!

For more information from their press release and collaboration w/ Wolverhampton click here.

I highly recommend checking out BoomWriter by clicking here!!!

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