Monday, June 18, 2018

Night Zookeeper June Challenge

Night Zookeeper is an excellent new site for students to help them w/ their Writing skills through fun interactive lessons/competition.  Also, it has an educational portal that allows educators to: assign lessons, track student progress, and assess their work in real-time.  This makes it easy for teachers to differentiate instruction and implement project based learning in their classroom.

Recently Night Zookeeper announced they are running a new writing competition for students to create a NEW location on the Night Zoo map.

The challenge
"Hello, young zookeepers! We have a new competition for you to enter. All you have to do is invent and describe a new location for the Night Zoo. You can also illustrate your location as well. The winning entry will be illustrated and added to the map that you can see above. Good luck to everyone taking part!"

How to enter
There are two ways to enter the competition:

1. Visit the star writing page to enter the competition with your students
2. If you would prefer, you can also print this activity sheet and ask your students to complete it. Then email all entries to or Tweet us on @nightzookeeper

The prizes
We are giving away a couple of prizes to the winning entry:
1. The location will be illustrated by our team and placed in the map above. 
2. The child will receive a poster of their location delivered to their school or house. 

Click here for more info about Star Writing!!!

For more information on Night Zookeeper's latest online challenge click here.

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