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30 Sites/Apps for Differentiated Instruction

"Differentiated instruction and assessment (also known as differentiated learning or, in education, simply, differentiation) is a framework or philosophy for effective teaching that involves providing students with different avenues to acquiring content; to processing, constructing, or making sense of ideas; and to developing teaching materials and assessment measures so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability." Wikipedia  Differentiation, the ability for teachers to meet the needs of a variety of learners, is a key component for successful teaching.  While there are lots of ways this can be done and lots of tools that educators can use to accomplish this, there are many sites that can help facilitate the process.

*This list is in alphabetical order

30 Sites/Apps for Differentiated Instruction

  1. Actively Learn - Lets a user make any reading material "their" own by adding questions, annotation, and collaboration which helps educators differentiate their instruction
  2. Answer Pad - A wonderful student response system and assessment tool that lets teachers turn their classroom paperless.  Also, the "Go Interactive" features allows teachers to collaborate w/ students in real-time and gauge student understanding to differentiate instruction.
  3. Arcademics - One of my favorite sites for game based learning (K-8th grade) in a wide range of subjects.  Also, there is an educational portal that allows teachers to track/monitor students, generate detailed reports, and assess student's learning to make it easy to differentiate instruction.
  4. Badaboom - A easy way for educators to create learning games to assess and differentiate their instruction
  5. BoomWriter - An excellent and unique site that lets students express their creativity by completing follow on chapters of an initial story prompt and then having the class anonymously vote on which ones should be included in the final story. Boomwriter publishes these stories as softcover books and personalizes each one to include each student's final chapter as an alternate ending along with prominently displaying the student's name on the front cover. BoomWriter's other tools let teachers conduct nonfiction and vocabulary-based writing activities, and all of their offerings let teachers provide invaluable personalized feedback and differentiated instruction.
  6. Buncee - A fantastic digital canvas for creating presentations or digital stories that can be embedded into a site/blog.  Also, this is a great way to "flip a classroom" and with Buncee Classroom teachers can assign quizzes, track/monitor students, and differentiate instruction.
  7. Chronicle Cloud - A cutting edge all-in-one iOS app for teachers for taking notes, assessing students, providing feedback, differentiate instruction, and more.
  8. ClassroomQ - An easy-to-use innovative tool that acts as a "digital" hand raising device making it easy to assess student's learning and differentiate instruction in real-time.
  9. edcite - A great site for teachers to create digital assignments, quizzes, and more.  Best of all, edcite can automatically grade student responses in real-time and generate detailed reports allowing educators to differentiate instruction.
  10. Education Galaxy - A new site for grades K-6 that uses Game Based Learning to help students in a wide variety of subject.  Also, Education Galaxy is great for assessing student's needs for easy differentiated instruction, while helping integrate Self Paced Learning.
  11. Edji - A cool new learning tool that lets students interact w/ online texts through highlighting, annotation, comments, and even emojis.  The detailed "heat map" lets educators gauge student understanding and differentiate instruction.
  12. EDpuzzle - Probably, the world's most popular site/app for flipping a classroom or lesson by adding questions to a video and then assessing student's answers to differentiate instruction.
  13. Eduflow - A new learning management system where educators can create course, track students, generate detailed reports, and differentiate instruction.
  14. Edulastic - An innovative online assessment platform that makes it easy for teachers to differentiate instruction.
  15. Floop - An excellent learning tool for teachers to give and collect student feedback through conversation threads making it easy to differentiate instruction.
  16. FUNecole - A great digital learning solution for grades 1st-6th.  Their online platform lets educators create assignments/lessons, differentiate instruction, and seamlessly integrate Computer Science into their curriculum.
  17. Gimkit - A wonderful game based learning solution where students can create the games and educators can assess and differentiate the results.
  18. Hippo Video - An excellent web tool for students/educators to create stunning digital videos.  Teachers use these videos to introduce a subject, create a screencast, and even gauge student understanding to differentiate instruction.
  19. I Know It - A fantastic site for interactive Math practice for grades K-5.  Also, educators can assign lessons, assess students, and differentiate instruction.
  20. IXL - One of the most popular sites around for Math that allows for student tracking w/ detailed reporting.  Also, w/ the ability to track student "trouble" areas a teacher can adjust their teaching (differentiation) to help meet the needs of their students.
  21. Kahoot - One of the most popular tools around to "Gamify" a classroom and differentiate instruction.
  22. Kami - A very handy learning tool that acts as a digital pen/paper letting users annotate on any document.
  23. Kialo Edu - A unique learning tool that provides a platform for educators to gauge student understanding and differentiate instruction.
  24. Loop - A cool new student response system where students can respond to questions via a emoji, word, or by choosing an answer.
  25. Night Zookeeper - A interesting new site where to help student's w/ their Writing skills through interactive lessons and competitions.  The educational portal allows educators to track their students and differentiate instruction.
  26. Otus - A excellent one-to-one learning management solution as well as mobile learning environment where educators easily differentiate instruction w/ Otus's detailed real-time analytics.
  27. Parlay - Parlay is a very innovative online tool that educators are using to take classroom discussions to the next level.  Teachers can use Parlay in a number of different ways such as: browsing through a robust library of discussion prompts (w/ resources), creating a online roundtable, or by creating a "live" verbal roundtable.
  28. Pear Deck - A wonderful educational tool that lets educators create quizzes, slides, or presentations.  Once the "decks" are created students can respond via their mobile devices.  Teachers can the assess student understanding and differentiate instruction in real-time.
  29. Socrates - A great new site where educators can asses students and differentiate instruction through a unique Game Based Learning system.
  30. ThinkFluency - ThinkFluency is an innovative iOS app that lets teachers easily assess        student's Reading fluency and differentiate instruction in real-time.  
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