Friday, May 11, 2012


Nearpod is a site/app I've covered before in the past, here.  Before, Nearpod was in a private pilot program w/ schools that is now available for free for everyone.

Here is more info from their promotional email...

"Nearpod is an all-in-one mobile teaching solution that give educators the ability to create lessons, direct those lessons on students' mobile devices, receive real-time feedback on how students are interacting with their lessons, and monitor class or individual progress.  It is quite revolutionary!  You can download it and use it for free at (it should direct you to setup an account and then give you more info about downloading the student app - found here: to student devices).   

With the Content Tool, teachers can create interactive presentations with drawing, writing, and quiz activities and more, or use existing lessons - aligned to Common Core State Standards - from content providers like Khan Academy and TED Education.  From the Nearpod Teacher Dashboard app on their iPads, teachers can share lessons with students who have the Nearpod Student app, and monitor how kids are progressing through lessons, freeing teachers to provide support to struggling students and challenge excelling students, making personalized learning a reality.  Using the Reporting Tool lets teachers analyze classroom and student progress and create reports."

I highly recommend checking out Nearpod by clicking here!!!

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