Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Sites for Keyboarding & Typing

Keyboarding or Typing is one the first and most vital skills for students to learn for technology literacy.  This skill is the building block for using a computer and one that starts as early KDG if not sooner.  Also, this is a nice skill/unit to teach in using "centers or blocks", free time, or even summer school.

*This list is in alphabetical order

10 Sites for Keyboarding/Typing
  1. ABCya - A fun site/app for kids trying to learn how to type in games such as: Alpha Munchies, Cup Stack Typing, and Jump Key.
  2. Dance Mat Typing - A 12 level game for kids aged 7-11 yrs old for Typing.
  3. Learning Games for Kids - A great site for educational games including over 20 games for Keyboarding.
  4. Letter Bubbles - A fun game w/ three different levels that has a user trying to type the letter in the bubble before they reach the edge of the screen.
  5. Power Typing - A nice collection of 5 online Typing games.
  6. RoomRecess - An excellent site for games for all subjects including Typing.  Some of their more popular games in Keyboarding include: Letter Bursts, Popcorn Typer, and Launch Key.
  7. TypeDojo - A wonderful site that lets students grades 1st-8th practice their keyboarding skills while printing out detailed reports/certificates. 
  8. TypeKids - An innovative game which introduces students to keyboarding/typing w/ over 30 interactive lessons.
  9. Typing Agent - An amazing site for grades K-12 for learning how to type.  Best of all are the abundance of features that Typing Agent offers users such as: teacher dashboard to track/monitor student progress, educational games, learning how to code, and more.
  10. Typing Web - A excellent free typing tutor that has a teacher portal for student tracking.  Also, certificates can be printed out on completion of lessons.
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  1. Great links! Thanks for, as always, great information!!!!

  2. Thanks for including Learning Games for Kids on your list! Another one of VocabularySpellingCity's sister sites Vocabulary Fun also offers typing games for kids!

  3. I've always wanted to improve or speed up my typing. Thanks for the list of these awesome sites to help me do that...

  4. One of free typing speed test sites is http://www.typingspeedtest.me/. Check it out and see if your skills are as good as you think they are :)


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