Monday, June 11, 2012


Loupe is a new site by the creators of Shape Collage, that is fantastic for making collages.  These collages can be made from pics from any site (ie, Flickr, FB, Pinterest, etc), or computer and can be turned into collages of a variety of shapes.  These shapes can be from online templates on Loupe or even from a logo.   Loupe has a wonderful user friendly interface and all photos are linked back to their original source.  Collages can also be made from videos.

Best of all Loupe has an educational portal which is ideal for students.  These collages can be made to private so only those w/ a unique URL can view the collage.  Also, these collages can be embedded into a site.

Here is a list of ways Loupe is being used in the classroom (straight from their site):

  • As a poster for print for the back of the class
    • Eg. Field trip memories
    • Eg. Ski camp
    • Eg. Each class has their own collage
  • As a support for student's statement
  • As attractive presentation for work on the web or social networks
    • Eg. Photos in the collage on Loupe link to site where photo lives can be used as a resource for students
  • Assignments
    • Creative: Eg. Project is about the Island where the elementary school is. Children were asked to search for photos about the island and arrange the photos into a shape of the island. Island Project
    • Reporting/Journalistic: Eg. To create a presentation document or as a title page for report
  • As a word wall
  • In mixing or pairing games
  • As a choosing board
I highly recommend checking out Loupe by clicking here!!!

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