Saturday, April 6, 2013

ClassDojo Updates

ClassDojo the great behavior management app/site has released 2 new features that makes it even better.

Straight from their email list serve...

1. Reset individual point bubbles

Want to run a class competition with ClassDojo? Redeem ClassDojo awards for special privileges? Reset students' ClassDojo points when they reach a goal? Now you can!
  • Reset the point bubbles that students see in class
  • Reset students' points when they achieve goals
  • All your data is still saved in student reports :)

2. The ClassDojo timer

You asked for it - so we built it! An easy-to-use timer for your classroom. Use it to:
  • Perform timed classroom activities with ClassDojo
  • Use the countdown feature during transitions
  • Time quizzes and group work while you use ClassDojo
I highly recommend checking out ClassDojo by clicking here!!!

*ClassDojo is an advertiser of TechnologyTidbits.

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