Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TED Ed Clubs

TED-Ed Clubs is a new idea/program that I heard about first from Sue Gorman on FB and then later in more detail from Larry Ferlazzo's great blog.  Basically, this program helps ignite a student's creativity and share their ideas in a global way.  This is a program designed for students 8-18 yrs old and must be facilitated by an educator.

Here's more information from their site about this interesting program...

"An educator — who gets materials and a hands-on orientation from the TED-Ed staff — leads the club through a series of 13 meetings, designed to get students to permanently wear their thinking caps. For the first three meetings, students watch TED Talks, discuss them and begin to think: what idea most captures my imagination? From there, students learn how to frame their idea and present it in a TED-style talk. In meeting 11, students give their talks in front of the club and, in the next meeting, work on editing their video. As a final step, these talks are uploaded to the TED-Ed YouTube channel — some may even be featured on the TED-Ed website."

I highly recommend checking out TED-Ed Clubs by clicking here!!!

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