Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Storyboard That for Winter Holidays


Storyboard That the free online resources that educators everywhere are using for a wide variety of teaching strategies has just released their Winter Holiday Classroom Activities teacher guides...

From their site.... Sometimes we use the seasons and holidays around us to engage our students in the skills we are teaching. Whether you want to use these activities just for fun, or if you have lesson plans centered around the winter holidays, Storyboard That is an excellent resource. Check out some of the great things your students can do!

I highly recommend checking out Storyboard That for Winter Classroom Activities by clicking here!!!

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 KidNuz is an amazing way for students to learn about current news in the world that is non-partisan and age appropriate for them.  This is done through carefully curated podcasts that are fun and catered towards student learning.  Best of all, there are lots of free educational resources for educators looking for worksheets, quizzes, and more to use in the classroom.

I highly recommend checking out KidNuz by clicking here!!!

Super Teacher Worksheets for Christmas


Be sure to check out all their worksheets/printables on Christmas!!!

Super Teacher Worksheets is one of the best sites around for finding educational resources on a wide range of subjects.  Educators can find, worksheets, printables, puzzle generators and more.  Also, they are constantly updating their site w/ more resources all the time and recently released new crossword puzzle worksheet generator.

I highly recommend checking out Super Teacher Worksheets by clicking here!!!

For my Pinterest board on Educational Resources click here.
Check out their new interactive Math site by clicking here.

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SpinnerWheel is a super-fun site for creating random spinning wheels.  This is a great free tool for educators that can be used in a number of ways such as: writing prompts, randomly choosing a student, math problems, and much much more.  Best of all, a user can create up to 8 wheels on one page and even add sound effects and images to a wheel making the possibilities endless.

I highly recommend checking out SpinnerWheel by clicking here!!!

Thanks to Richard Byrne's wonderful blog for the tip.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Chronicle Cloud

Top 5 Features that make Chronicle Cloud the best notes taking app for teachers: 

What should a teacher consider when choosing the best mobile application for managing  their classroom efficiently? A tool that assists teachers with taking notes, grading,  assessm
ents, maintaining a record of every student, organizing classes, and connecting with  parents to efficiently manage their classroom. A few of my friends suggested Evernote  when I was looking for such an App. After playing around with it for a few days, I realized  that though Evernote was a good app, it was not custom-built for teachers. I was looking for an app that helped teachers efficiently manage their classroom activities. I even browsed the internet for suggestions but to no avail.
There were not nearly as many apps that brought  most of the tasks on one platform.  Then, one of the parents suggested the Chronicle Cloud  App because this parent was receiving assignments from teachers via the Chronicle Cloud  teacher app. 

"I have been using Chronicle Cloud for two years, and I am convinced that Chronicle Cloud  is one of the most powerful apps that brings most of the classroom tasks on one platform." 

Teaching is not easy. As teachers we know how we have to juggle teaching, classroom  activities, meet deadlines, plan and execute lesson plans and assessments. With all that, we  have to observe student progress, give feedback, manage individual and group tasks, create  reports, and take care of administrative tasks also! :) 

Let me tell you all the features I like on Chronicle Cloud, and then I will tell you the best  five that have made my life easy! With Chronicle Cloud, I have been able to: 

organize classes- 

organize, and share classes and rosters with other teachers 

retrieve Notes and Speed Notes from archives 

attach multimedia files 

create artifacts for quick reference 

record formative assessments 

quick calculation of grades 

share assignments with parents via the parent app 

These are the features that I like the best on Chronicle Cloud. Take a look! 

 Advance Note-taking 

Chronicle Cloud is an advanced note-taking system that assists teachers with conferring  notes on individual students. The note-taking feature also has a separate block to write about the instructional needs of every student. Because of the user-friendly interface and simple 

design, the note-taking feature helps teachers monitor and record individual student growth. Follow-ups are an integral part of learning, and effective learning happens when teaching  and feedback go simultaneously. The note-taking feature acts as a motivational tool for me. 

I can write detailed Notes on an individual student, define learning goals, note down my  observations on every child, and plan instructional needs. 

I can write detailed Notes on an individual student, define learning goals, note down my  observations on every child, and plan instructional needs. 

I document progress and formulate strategies for optimum student performance.  There is a ‘Miscellaneous Notes’ section where I write down the behavioral aspects.  That gives me a better understanding of a student's learning needs and helps me  understand the student better. I also use the Miscellaneous Notes to write things that  amuse me about the student. With Chronicle Cloud Note Taking, I can record  assessments, track performance, and share with linked contacts. 

Chronicle Cloud is an advanced note-taking system that allows me to add multimedia notes images, audio, video, and write text in the space given. I capture photos, take videos and  add multimedia notes. I can also load it from the device gallery- whatever it is- audio, video, and text files that will help my students with a better understanding of a concept. 

Capturing thoughts with Speed Note and Organizing with Tags 

Tag a note by clicking on the tag icon, and run a keyword search when you want to refer to  the Notes. There! You will find all the tagged Notes separately! 

Speed Notes 

If ever there was a time-saver, then Speed Notes is the one! Increase efficiency levels by  quickly searching and reusing previous notes or student feedback with Speed Notes! You  can search with a keyword also! Bingo! There you go! 

Let us see how you can add Speed Notes- 

you can import speed notes from .txt or .csv format. 

Speed notes are reusable notes that you can retrieve by clicking on the ‘Bolt’ or the  ‘Lightning’ icon. 

Speed notes are in alphabetical order, hence use a keyword to search any specific  Note you want on the Chronicle Cloud App. 

And now, with Speed Notes, you can write a quick note, no matter what you are doing. Just 

jot down information on any student, anywhere, and retrieve it whenever you like from the  backend. 


Group notes refer to notes that you write for a group of rosters or students. Make a group according to proficiency levels and learning needs. 

Define groups by shared instructional needs or behavioral aspects for positive  reinforcement. 

Create group notes on the Chronicle Cloud app. Make a group for achieving better  learning outcomes. You can also share group notes according to proficiency levels  and learning needs. 

Whether I am assigning group project work to students or assessing group instructional  needs, Chronicle Cloud makes communication easier for teams in different settings. 

Formative Assessment 

As teachers, we always wished there was some way to record Formative assessments and  keep the data in one place, didn't we? Chronicle Cloud offers innovative ways to evaluate students in ways that are not possible with traditional multiple-choice tests. Chronicle Cloud app makes it very easy to record formative assessment data. For instance, I conduct discussions and record the formative data simultaneously on the app. The traffic light  system helps me in assessing quickly. All I have to do is note my observations in the colors  of the traffic light. That gives me an idea of a student's learning needs. And I have seen the  students responding beautifully to the traffic lights. I have observed remarkable  improvement in their concentration whenever I announce I will be giving them colors  according to their understanding and delivery of the concept. 

Grading and assessment 

A gradebook that records quantitative data and writing descriptive notes to record details on  an individual student is not connected most of the time, in both use and purpose. But the  Chronicle Cloud app bridges the gap and creates synergy, promoting all types of data to be  used as formatives. And a combination of the two has helped me maximize student learning. I can navigate easily between the gradebook and the note-taking feature. I confer text notes  in the Note Taking and calculate the numerical averages in the grade book. O, by the way,  there is an incredible feature of tagging descriptive notes with the grades too! I was  pleasantly surprised when I discovered it the first time! So, this is how it went- I was  conducting formative assessments just before the final grades, and I chose to use the grade  book to evaluate students and give them a lucid picture of their preparation. And there it  was! The note tagging with grades helped me recall my observations after the assessment,  and we had a fun exercise recalling and eliminating the minor -but-important errors!

Connected parents app 

There is a connected Chronicle Cloud Parent app too! The connected Parent App has made  my life immensely easy! I can share notes and assignments with parents, and together we  can monitor student progress. My interactions with parents via the app have proven  invaluable! We often ignore human bonds and the impact that can have on education. 

Chronicle Cloud has made collaborating with other teachers and parents very easy. I share  notes and grades with other teachers and home assignments with parents. I sometimes share  anecdotal notes and instructional needs also with parents. 

Great features should not come at the cost of our privacy. Chronicle Cloud provides  security, encryption, and the cloud to share and store student data safely. Chronicle Cloud is the only app I have come across that takes care of most of my classroom teaching tasks.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

EDpuzzle Originals

EDpuzzle the leading digital video platform for education just got better w/ the introduction of "EDpuzzle Originals".   EDpuzzle Originals are professional made curated videos by educators that cover a wide range of subjects such as: Social Studies, science, Math, and more.  EDpuzzle is the innovative platform that lets educators seamlessly flip a lesson or classroom and make any video their own.

Below is a demo...

I highly recommend checking out EDpuzzle by clicking here!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2021



ClassroomQ is an innovative easy to use tool that acts a "digital' hand raising device.  This is all done via the web and requires very little setup.  All a teacher has to do is a create an account and then students join by typing in their name and a unique code that the teacher gives them.  From there, a student click on the assistance button and can even type a comment which then a teacher sees.  This is ideal to assess student's to learning and differentiate instruction w/out having to disrupt classroom time to do it.

Below is a demo video...

I highly recommend checking out ClassroomQ by clicking here!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

simpleshow video maker

 simpleshow video maker is the best online tool around for making explainer videos.  These "simple shows" are very easy to create and can be used in education in a wide variety of ways, such as: digital storytelling, introducing a subject, project based learning, professional development, and much more.  Best of all, simpleshow is very user friendly and lets educators/students seamlessly create engaging videos by just selecting a template, typing up a script (storyline) and simpleshow takes care of the rest.  There are lots of videos and examples teachers can find on the simpleshow website and a finished video can then be embedded into a website or blog.

Below is brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out simpleshow by clicking here!!!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021



quizflight is an amazing new site for creating quizzes and flashcards.  What separates quizflight from other quiz generators is the robust amount of features (styles of questions, timers, etc.) as well as educational portal that allows educators to track/manage: classes/students, assessing student learning, and generate detailed reports.  quizflight is an excellent new learning tool that teachers should definitely consider looking at especially if they want to integrate technology into their curriculum and easily differentiate instruction.

I highly recommend checking out quizflight by clicking here!!!

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo's blog for the tip.



SplashLearn is a wonderful, super easy-to-use, free all-in-one online Math platform for grades K-5.  SplashLearn is an ideal learning tool to use for teachers and parents because of the educational portal.  This portal/dashboard allows educators/parents to create and manage student accounts, track/manage progress, generate detailed reports that can emailed, and even set daily schedules.  Being online, SplashLearn is ideal for Remote/Distance Learning and uses Game Based Learning to help students learn and reinforce their basic Math skills, such as: addition, multiplication, and more.  Also, SplashLearn has lots of different features where students can play or practice a specific skill or follow a "set" learning path where students complete games and levels collecting coins and gaining stars (similar to mobile games) on how well they completed the skill.

Finally, SplashLearn makes it easy for educators to assess students and differentiate instruction.  Students can even use SplashLearn for Self Paced Learn, making it a great way for students to strengthen their Math skills.

I highly recommend checking out SplashLearn by clicking here!!!

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Monday, November 29, 2021

NBA Math Hoops

NBA Math Hoops is a super-fun free mobile (iOS/Android) app that helps students strengthen their Math skills while building their fantasy basketball team.  Best of all, Math Hoops uses actual NBA stats that lets students create their "dream" teams then play a game of basketball.  The way this works, right answers
scores points/baskets while wrongs answers become a turn over.   Also, there is a NBA Hoops Skills & Drills which is ideal for students working on their basic Math skills, such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more.

I highly recommend checking out NBA Math Hoops by clicking here!!!

For a more detailed review check out Richard Byrne's excellent blog.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Cloud Stop Motion


Cloud Stop Motion is an innovative site for creating and storing stop motion video projects.  This is
ideal for educators looking to integrate technology into the classroom and can be used for project based learning, digital storytelling, and more.  Best of all, the educational portal allows teachers to track and manage student accounts, organize all projects, and export/watch all videos, all from w/in the web/browser.

I highly recommend checking out Cloud Stop Motion by clicking here!!!

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Belouga is an excellent new site that I just came across that is ideal for social/collaborative learning, and can be used for "blended learning" as well.  This is all done through an innovative online curriculum that contains different many different forms of activities (i.e. videos, lessons, etc. etc.).  These lessons are broken down by grade level/subject and aligned to state standards.

I highly recommend checking out Belouga by clicking here!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2021


SlidesMania is a fantastic site site for finding free PowerPoint and Google Slides templates for education. This is a great place to find all kind of presentations, such as: notebooks, daily planners, certificates, and much much more.  Finally, there are lots of how-to templates and walkthroughs making it ideal to introduce a topic or subject and Guided Learning.

I highly recommend checking out SlidesMania by clicking here!!!

Otus for Remote Learning


Otus is an ideal tool for Remote Learning w/ schools being closed.  Their learning platform makes it easy for educators to build dynamic engaging lessons, deliver instruction, and then assess student learning.

Otus is a all-in-one mobile learning solution for schools that combines the best features of a: learning management system, data management system, and more.  The sleek new design, allows for easier functionality, a brighter customizable color interface, and real-time analytics and third party integration (i.e. Khan Academy), and of course Otus Worksheets.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Otus by clicking here!!!

For more information check out Otus on Technology and Learning.

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Social-Emotional Learning Coalition

The Social-Emotional Learning Coalition (SEL) is a fantastic site for grades K-12 looking to integrate Social Emotional Learning into their classroom.  This is done through a wide range of resources such as: virtual field trips, videos, exercise, and more, that are broken down by each grade level.  Finally, there are resources for professional develop to help guide teachers in integrating SEL and help manage best teaching strategies. 

I highly recommend checking out The Social-Emotional Learning Coalition by clicking here!!!

Mobile Permissions

 Mobile Permissions is the excellent free site the educators are using to easily send "digital" permission slips for FREE.  Recently, they launched a new feature which lets educators send permission slips "on demand" which is ideal for when teachers need immediate permission of a parent/guardian and don't have time to wait for a form to be returned.  Also, this is a perfect tool to use w/ Remote Learning due to the closures of school from the worldwide pandemic.

Finally, Mobile Permissions has been hard at work creating Virtual Field trips.  These field trips can be an asset to any educator for students required to do Distance Learning at home.  These field trips are easy to use as they incorporate "guided tours" of different museums and cities around the world.  These "guided tours" come w/ a packet of questions/answers for teachers to use w/ their students when taking their virtual tour.

I highly recommend checking out Mobile Permissions Virtual Field Trips by clicking here!!!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021



Parlay is a very innovative online tool that educators are using to take classroom discussions to the next level.  Teachers can use Parlay in a number of different ways such as: browsing through a robust library of discussion prompts (w/ resources), creating a online roundtable, or by creating a "live" verbal roundtable.  Also, Parlay is great for assessing students making it easy to differentiate instruction and for "blended" learning.

Below is a demo of a "live" roundtable discussion...

Parlay - Live Round Table Demo from Parlay Ideas on Vimeo.

I highly recommend checking out Parlay by clicking here!!!



*A great way for students to practice their keyboarding/typing skills while school is doing Remote Learning.

TypeTastic is an excellent K-12 site for students learning how to Type/Keyboard.  TypeTastic's School Edition has an educational portal that allows educators to track, monitor, and assess student progress.  This is a fun and great way to integrate technology into a classroom's curriculum.  TypeTastic uses over 400 innovative games, activities and drills to help teach and reinforce keyboarding/typing skills.

The expanded curriculum introduces students to more than 250 entertaining new keyboarding activities that move from locating letters to fluent typing in four fun steps:
  1. Explore the Keyboard: Unique keyboard visualization splits the letters into nine color-coded groups so students see the keyboard like a map and can quickly find the correct letters. 
  1. All Fingers Aboard: These games are designed to challenge kids to learn the fundamentals of typing. All sections are centered on finger movement, often first separated into either right- or left-hand activities, followed by more challenging games that use both hands.
  1. Ready, Set, Type!: Keyboarding activities take kids on an adventure through underwater coral reefs, thick jungle vegetation, and serene beach vistas to collect words and letters, with the goal of typing simple words and sentences. 
  1. Master Those Keys: In the final step, students dig into the secrets of fluent typing, challenging themselves with more complex words, building up their typing speed, and discovering numbers and symbols.
Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out TypeTastic!!!

For more information from their blog click here.

Blended Play


Blended Play is an excellent new site that I just found out about from Larry Ferlazzo's blog.  Blended Play brings Game Based Learning to the classroom in a fun and easy way.  All a teacher has to do is select the game (i.e. Mountain Climber, Viking Fleet, Sushi Take Over, Space Sale), add the questions, group the students into teams, and then display/project it on a board.  This is excellent for education as it can be used for any subject/grade level and for blended learning.

I highly recommend checking out Blended Play by clicking here!!!

Storyboard That for Thanksgiving


Storyboard That the excellent learning tool that educators are using in a wide variety of ways (i.e. project based learning, graphic organizers, storyboards/telling, etc.) last week released a free teacher guide for different Thanksgiving activities.  These activities are great for telling the story of Thanksgiving, labeling different items, telling what you are "thankful" for and more.  Best of all, a teacher can copy the storyboard and use or edit it for creating their own template.

I highly recommend checking out Storyboard That's Thanksgiving activities by clicking here!!!

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Monday, November 15, 2021


ClassPoint is a excellent learning tool that lets users take their powerpoint presentations to the next level. What makes ClassPoint such an ideal tool for teachers are the abundance of educational features such as: adding quizzes/polls, annotating slides, whiteboards, and more.  Best of all, ClassPoint makes it easy for educators to assess student learning and differentiate instruction.

I highly recommend checking out ClassPoint by clicking here!!!

For a more detailed review check out Richard Byrne's award winning blog.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Super Teacher Worksheets for Thanksgiving


Super Teacher Worksheets is one of the best sites around for finding educational resources on a wide range of subjects.  Educators can find, worksheets, printables, puzzle generators and more.  Also, they are constantly updating their site w/ more resources all the time and recently released new crossword puzzle worksheet generator.

I highly recommend checking out Super Teacher Worksheets for Fall and Thanksgiving  by clicking here!!!

For my Pinterest board on Educational Resources click here.

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Comic Strip Maker

Comic Strip Maker is an excellent online comic strip creator that reminds me of Comic Life.  This is a
simple tool to use that lets users, select their background, add text/speech bubbles, add stickers, and much more to create a digital comic.  Best of all, educators can use this for project based learning and integrating digital storytelling into their classroom.

I highly recommend checking out Comic Strip Maker by clicking here!!!

Projector Screen


Projector Screen is a great site for educators or parents looking to find screens, projectors, cables, and more for home or their classroom.  Also, this is an ideal place to find good deals and other resources such as: how to build a home theater or how a green screen works.

I highly recommend checking out Projector Screen Store by clicking here!!!

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SpiderScribe is a state-of-the-art mind mapping/brainstorming tool that is ideal for education.  SpiderScribe is a great tool that educators can use for project based learning, group collaboration, and much much more.  Best of all, SpiderScribe lets users link a wide variety of items into their "maps" such as: files, calendars, notes, etc, and can easily be shared and generate detailed reports.

I highly recommend checking out SpiderScribe by clicking here!!!

For a more detailed review check out Technology & Learning by clicking here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Socrates personalized learning for the students so they are progressing automatically, and provides teachers with tools to monitor progress and assign topics.  Teachers can control the learning remotely or just allow Socrates to adjust automatically - making it a perfect tool for teachers with closed classrooms.  

Socrates is an innovate new site where educators can seamlessly differentiate instruction for each student through a unique game based learning system.  This is done through fun and engaging learning games w/ educational portal where teachers can track and monitor student progress, assign educational videos, use a digital badge system, testing, benchmarking, and much much more.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Socrates by clicking here!!!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Top 15 Educational Sites/Apps of 2021

It's that time of year for to list my favorite sites/apps of the year.  This years list has quite the variety and covers a wide range of educational content, such as: game based learning, programming/coding, educational resources, and more.  As in previous annual end of the year lists, any site/app listed before will not be listed here.

Top 15 Educational Sites/Apps of 2021

  1. BookWidgets - BookWidgets is a fantastic that lets teachers become "paperless' and create interactive quizzes/games that can automatically be graded.  This is all done through an educational portal making it easy to assess student learning and differentiate instruction.
  2. CodePen - CodePen is an innovative site that is ideal for teaching students how to program/code.  This is a great way to integrate STEM into the classroom as well as monitor student's progress in real-time.
  3. Thinkio - A great learning tool for educators to make interactive worksheets/lessons online.
  4. SplashLearn - A super-fun, easy-to-use online Math platform for grades K-5.  SplashLearn uses "game based learning" to teach a wide range of subject.  Finally, the educational portal makes it easy for teachers to track and manage student accounts.
  5. GamiLab - A excellent to create and play educational games while assessing student's learning.
  6. BombBomb - A useful site that makes it easy for teachers to create "free' video emails to students and parents.
  7. Blackbird - One of my favorite sites for students to learn how to program/code in an educational environment.
  8. Edform - A wonderful site that turns worksheets into interactive graded assignments.  Also, these graded worksheets can generate a detailed report making it easy to assess student learning.
  9. WisdomMaps - An innovative site uses "mind maps" to teach history and humanities.
  10. edu-pal - A nice Chrome extension that lets users create polls/quizzes in Google Meet, while users respond in real-time.
  11. Pedagogue - A fantastic new social network where educators can collaborate and find educational resources.
  12. Tract - An interesting new site where students collaborate w/ their peers to learn about different topics.
  13. Brainstormer Online - A new "spin" on brainstorming where users create and then vote on their favorite brainstorm to use.
  14. Peanuts in the Classroom- A fun site for educational resources for ages 4-13.
  15. Ducksters - a nice safe friendly search engine for students. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The Learning Network

The Learning Network is an excellent site from the NY Times that provides an abundance of of educational resources and lesson plans for students and teachers.  This free and "reliable" news source is ideal for HS aged students and covers a variety of current events going on in the world.  Best of all, The Learning Network has a a wide range of activities such as: quizzes/vocabulary, writing prompts, images, lessons, and much much more.

I highly recommend checking out The Learning Network by clicking here!!!

Quick Rubric

 Quick Rubric is the wonderful site for creating rubrics from the creators of Storyboard That.  This is far and away the easiest site I've seen for creating a beautiful rubric where a user can add a row or a column w/ a tap of an arrow button.  Everything inside of the rubric is customizable (i.e. from the heading tocustomizing points) and a user can save/print out as many rubrics as they need.

I highly recommend checking out Quick Rubric by clicking here!!!

I Know It


I Know It is a fantastic site for interactive Math lessons grades K-5th.  This is a super fun easy to use site for practice on a wide range of topics, such as: place value, multiplication, counting coins, time, and more.  Best of all, I Know It allows educators to assign lessons and track student progress to make it easy to differentiate instruction.

I highly recommend checking out I Know It by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

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iCivics is a fantastic site for learning about Civics through Game Based Learning.  Best of all, iCivics has an educational portal that allows educators to create and manage student accounts.  Also, teachers can create assignments such as games/webquests and track student performance w/ detailed reports.  Finally, a educator can create a forum or message board to engage students in online discussions and send out class announcements.

Here is a bit more on iCivics features...

  • Lessons: Print-and-go lesson plans make civic learning fun, relevant, and easy. Lessons may include PowerPoints, and ALL are aligned to state standards. 
  •  Webquests: Our webquests help students connect civics concepts to the real world with readings and questions that link to specific web resources. Webquests can be used on individual computers or by the whole class using a projector or a smart board 
  • Games: Expand the learning experience for your students by putting them in the action. Each game is accompanied by a teacher guide with tips for game play, pre– and post-game discussion questions and ideas for additional activities. 
  •  Drafting Board: Guide your students through the process of producing a clear and polished argumentative essay. This blended learning tool brings the skills of writing persuasively together with civic topics that matter to your students. 
I highly recommend checking out iCivics by clicking here!!!

For a more detailed review check out Graphite.

For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here.

Friday, October 29, 2021



*Circly recently created some templates that are ideal for education.  For example, the image above shows a template on what student's will be doing when they are finished w/ school. 

Circly is a wonderful new graphic organizers that educators can use to brainstorm, manage tasks, create collaborative group projects, Venn diagrams and more.  Circly, is uses a drag-n-drop interface making it easy to use as well as lets the user change colors of circles to maximize data points.  Finally, the most unique feature of Circly lets users collaborate in real-time w/ built-in video caller lets user work in groups remotely.  This is a great feature for educators looking to do more group
projects as well work w/ peers remotely.

*Circly is one of the 50 nominated for the Blue Tulip Awards Education and Work Section in the Netherlands, and one of the Top Sites/Apps of 2020 in Technology & Learning magazine.

Below is brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Circly by clicking here!!!

Circly's latest press release details how they can help classrooms get over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Actively Learn


Actively Learn is a site I've covered many times in the past and is excellent for comprehension/reading where educators can take a text and make it their "own" by adding questions, assessments, polls, to assess a student's learning and differentiate instruction.

Recently, Actively Learn announced they will help w/ online learning during school closures by making their learning platform free through the end of the summer.  More from their press release...

Actively Learn can help. We’re offering our platform for free through the summer to make remote learning as strong as possible, without you needing to start from scratch. Our curriculum platform promotes student and teacher collaboration — at school and at home — with: 
  • Access to engaging content through any device (including smartphone)
  • A way for teachers to import content to use the assignments they’ve already planned for
  • Supports for all types of learners 
  • Ability to collaborate with peers and teachers
  • Easy progress monitoring and ways to provide feedback and grades
I highly recommend checking out Actively Learn by clicking here!!!