Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ahead is a very interesting new site that creates zoom-able web pages for a user's content. Upon first look it reminds me very much of Prezi, but a lot lot harder to use. While the navigating around a "ahead-page" is easy (click once to grab screen and move, use two fingers on track page to scroll up/down), the actual user interface of Ahead is just really hard to understand. It deals w/ layers/tiers and just doesn't flow as smoothly as I would've liked. That or it is just way over my head ;-)

Either way, I applaud the site for it's innovative design, I just wish it was a little easier to use. Perhaps you'll have better luck then me... give Ahead a try by clicking here.

Alexandra Fransisco has a much more detailed review which you can read by clicking here.


  1. Henrik, thanks got the update, this is great news indeed. I'm not saying that Ahead doesn't work, as the finished products work great. I just think if it was a bit more user friendly, it would be a proverbial goldmine!!!

  2. Hi David. Thanks for the forward. :)
    By the way is there something wrong with your e-mail? I have answered your message on the Tools Face Off wiki, but got a note back saying it couldn't be delivered.:s


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