Monday, March 1, 2010

The Ultimate Wiki

I've been mulling an idea for awhile on creating a place where people can go to get all their Web 2.0/21st Century Tools information.

Also, I wanted something that would be of a collaborative nature where other people can post/review sites.

Finally, after sometime I think I created a nice little place for such a thing in a wiki format. This site is for everyone who likes to use innovative technology and apply it to their teachings.

Feel free to join the wiki and use/share it anyway you see fit.

Click here



  1. The wiki looks good. What I find a pain is the way you use w/ everywhere (in reviews, books, profile etc etc). In fact you seem to have a slash fetish! I find it very annoying - so much so that I won't be subscribing. Perhaps my reaction is a little extreme but I can't believe anyone thinks it actually enhances readability. Thought you should know.

  2. JA, I appreciate your candor and am sorry that you won't be subscribing. However, I do take your words to heart and will be more aware of my use of slashes in the future.



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