Friday, April 24, 2020

Socrates for Remote Learning

Many schools are now realizing they do not have the tools in place so kids can continue to learn while schools are closed.  Socrates personalized learning for the students so they are progressing automatically, and provides teachers with tools to monitor progress and assign topics.  Teachers can control the learning remotely or just allow Socrates to adjust automatically - making it a perfect tool for teachers with closed classrooms.  

The CEO announced that Socrates will be free to all impacted communities and they are setting up schools and classrooms within 24 hours.  No training is necessary for the teachers or students.  Take advantage of this great offer here:

Socrates is an innovate new site where educators can seamlessly differentiate instruction for each student through a unique game based learning system.  This is done through fun and engaging learning games w/ educational portal where teachers can track and monitor student progress, assign educational videos, use a digital badge system, testing, benchmarking, and much much more.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Socrates by clicking here!!!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Top 10 Sites for creating a Digital Portfolio

With the end of the school year coming and schools being closed due to the pandemic a digital portfolio is a great way for students and educators to showcase their work.  These tools will make it students and teachers to show parents what academic projects they've been working on throughout the school year.

*This list is in alphabetical order.

Top 10 Sites for Creating a Digital Portfolio

  1. bulb - One of the best and most popular educational sites around to create and showcase stunning digital portfolios.
  2. ClassDojo Portfolios - The widely used student/positive reinforcement platform has an excellent feature for students to create student-led digital portfolios.
  3. FreshGrade - An excellent all-in-one site for educators to create: lessons, grading, and even portfolios.
  4. Google Sites - Lots of districts/schools are using Google Sites to have students create digital portfolios and control who can/can't see them.
  5. KudosWall - A wonderful free easy-to-use site that lets students create digital portfolios w/ audio, video, and images.
  6. PortfolioGen - A very modern looking site to create professional looking digital portfolio w/ lots of features, such as uploading a document, video, or more.
  7. Seesaw- A very popular educational tool that educators are using for assessing, differentiating instruction, and easily creating digital portfolios.
  8. Showcase - A innovative site for students to create digital portfolios that contains only items they want others to see w/ lots of control features.
  9. Sway - An educational app created by Microsoft that is ideal for creating: presentations, newsletters, and digital portfolios.
  10. Weebly for Education - Weebly is a site that has been around for while that is great for created student/classroom websites and blogs.  Also, Weebly can be used to create multimedia styled digital portfolios.


EDpuzzle the world's most popular site to flip a classroom/lesson to make a video "their" own, has just released an update to their video editor.  The new video editor now has a new modern look that makes it look more polished and sleeker.  Also, a user can now cut multiple sections of their video, as well as add audio to their notes and create shorter voiceovers.  Don't forget EDpuzzle can be used for any subject and curriculum and makes it easy for educators to assess student learning and differentiate instruction.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out EDpuzzle by clicking here!!!

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Zapzapmath for Remote Learning

*Zapzapmath School Premium is due to the pandemic is now completely free for all students.  This means parents can track their kids progress in over 180 Math games ranging in a wide range of topics.

Zapzapmath is an excellent site/mobile (iOS/Android) app for Math grades K-6th.  ZZM focuses on a lot different topics such as: addition/subtraction, multiplication, geometry, and more.  All of this is done in a fun game based learning environment.  Best of all, the school version tracks student progress, generates detailed reports, and makes it easy to differentiate instruction.

I highly recommend checking out Zap Zap Math by clicking here!!!

For my Pinterest board on Educational iOS Apps click here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Knoword is a super fun Vocabulary game that is perfect for integrated technology into the classroom/home.  The way this works is definitions are given w/ the starting letter of the word while a timer counts down.  The player tries to answer as many correct words by typing/spelling them correctly before the timer runs out.  Best of all, there is a teacher portal where educators can create their own "word" packs to integrate w/ their curriculum as well as track student data.

I highly recommend checking out Knoword by clicking here!!!

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Naiku is an amazing tool for educators to assess students and differentiate instruction in real-time.  Best of all, w/ school closed around the world subscribers can use Naiku at home (on any device) to help students improve their learning and strengthen their skills.  Finally, Naiku generates detailed individual and class reports that educators can share w/ other teachers to help collaborate and better refine their teaching strategies.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Naiku by clicking here!!!

Monday, April 20, 2020


Triventy is a excellent site for creating collaborative quizzes or surveys.  The way this works is a user creates their own questions or customizes an existing one and then invites students to add their own.  Once the quiz is started (up on a board, projector, screen etc.) a teacher can invite students via unique URL to join.  Once the quiz is finished the participate get results in real-time similar to the way Kahoot works.

I highly recommend checking out Triventy by clicking here!!!

Vocab Victor

Vocab Victor is a free innovative mobile (iOS/Android) app for building vocabulary words/skills that is ideal for ESL/ELL.  Vocab Victor uses "game based learning" to help students develop their vocabulary through 4 different styles of games through 11 levels.  These games offer high replay as well as different varieties of game play, such as: matching, sorting, targeting, and more.  Best of all, Vocab Victor assesses and adapts words to each student's vocabulary level in real-time.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Vocab Victor by clicking here!!!

Download Vocab Victor for free here!!!

ClassTag for Remote Learning

ClassTag is an excellent all-in-one communication tool that educators can use to keep parents informed on what is going on in the classroom.  Everything is done seamlessly and teachers can share: schedules, announcements, photos, videos, etc.  Recently, ClassTag released how it can be used for Remote Learning, Professional Development, and more.  This is a great resource for educators and parents who now have to rely on remote learning w/ school closures throughout the world.

For more information on how you can use ClassTag for Remote Learning click here!!

TypeTastic for Remote Learning

*A great way for students to practice their keyboarding/typing skills while school is out.

TypeTastic is an excellent K-12 site for students learning how to Type/Keyboard.  TypeTastic's School Edition has an educational portal that allows educators to track, monitor, and assess student progress.  This is a fun and great way to integrate technology into a classroom's curriculum.  TypeTastic uses over 400 innovative games, activities and drills to help teach and reinforce keyboarding/typing skills.

The expanded curriculum introduces students to more than 250 entertaining new keyboarding activities that move from locating letters to fluent typing in four fun steps:
  1. Explore the Keyboard: Unique keyboard visualization splits the letters into nine color-coded groups so students see the keyboard like a map and can quickly find the correct letters. 
  1. All Fingers Aboard: These games are designed to challenge kids to learn the fundamentals of typing. All sections are centered on finger movement, often first separated into either right- or left-hand activities, followed by more challenging games that use both hands.
  1. Ready, Set, Type!: Keyboarding activities take kids on an adventure through underwater coral reefs, thick jungle vegetation, and serene beach vistas to collect words and letters, with the goal of typing simple words and sentences. 
  1. Master Those Keys: In the final step, students dig into the secrets of fluent typing, challenging themselves with more complex words, building up their typing speed, and discovering numbers and symbols.
Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out TypeTastic!!!

For more information from their blog click here.

Thursday, April 16, 2020 is an innovative new interactive online whiteboard where educators can create a class and have students sign up via a unique code.  Once the students are signed in, a teacher can then draw on a whiteboard to ask questions.  Students can then respond in real-time on any device while teachers see their responses.  This is a great way to assess students and differentiate instruction in a easy way.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out by clicking here!!!

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo's blog for the tip.

Circly for Remote Learning

*Circly's collaboration features make it an ideal tool for "remote learning" while schools are closed down due to the virus.  Students can even use it to do group projects from home.

Circly is a wonderful new graphic organizers that educators can use to brainstorm, manage tasks, create collaborative group projects, Venn diagrams and more.  Circly, is uses a drag-n-drop interface making it easy to use as well as lets the user change colors of circles to maximize data points.  Finally, the most unique feature of Circly lets users collaborate in real-time w/ built-in video caller lets user work in groups remotely.  This is a great feature for educators looking to do more group
projects as well work w/ peers remotely.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Circly by clicking here!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Chronicle Cloud

Chronicle Cloud is an innovative educational all-in-one iOS app for teachers.  Educators can use Chronicle Cloud in a number of different ways such as: assessing (using their "traffic light" system), note-taking, providing feedback, and much much more.  Also, being on the "cloud" teachers can collaborate and share best "teaching" practices in an easy way.

I highly recommend checking out Chronicle Cloud by clicking here!!!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

10 Sites for Professional Development

"Professional development refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development
and career advancement. Professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, ranging from college degrees to formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. It has been described as intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluative stage [1] There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance. (wikipedia)"

PD is a huge part of any educator's life. We as teachers are always teaching/leading others and always learning ourselves.  With that being said I decided to compile a list of 10 sites/resources for Professional Development.

*These sites are in alphabetical order.

10 Sites for Professional Development

  1. Answer Garden - A nice free solution that educators are using for professional development to poll their audience and gather feedback via a online chat.
  2. Edthena - Edthena is a wonderful site/app for professional development that uses an innovative "video coaching" approach.  This is ideal for professional development as it helps highlight best teaching practices, gives educators a safe/comfortable place to learn, and makes it easy for self reflection. 
  3. NBC Learn - NBC Learn is the educational division of NBC News and delivers award winning educational content for grades K-12, including: resources, lesson plans, and tips for professional development.
  4. Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook - A free resource for educators that has lots of resources for educators such as: articles, news, tips, professional development, and more.
  5. Teq - Teq is a new site designed to offer online professional development to K-12 educators.  Teq has over 30 educators who specialize in offering best practices and integrating technology in a wide variety of areas, such as: digital whiteboards, web 2.0, Google Apps, and more.
  6. PBS Learning Media - A excellent site for free resources including: videos, interactives, lesson plans, professional development, and more.
  7. UMU - A fantastic site and mobile app (iOS/Android) that can be used for any subject and even professional development.
  8. Unhangout - An interesting new site from MIT for creating back channel chats w/ the ability to host videos and have breakout sessions, and more.  A great solution for getting feedback from your audience.
  9. Wakelet - Wakelet lets educators easily bookmark any item on the web (i.e. article, blog, tweet, etc.) and then curate them in stunning visual ways to curate w/ others.  This can be used in a wide variety of ways such as for: digital storytelling, professional development, and more.
  10. Yo Teach - One of my favorite sites around for creating a back channel back w/ lots of features for educators and ideal for Professional Development.

Coronavirus Comic Diary

Make Beliefs Comix the excellent site that educators around the world are using for digital here.
storytelling, project based learning, reinforcing vocabulary, and more, just recently released a site for creating comic diaries during the Coronavirus pandemic.  MBC makes it easy to create these digital stories by providing a writing prompt/story starter to help students get their creative juices flowing.  Once the comic is finished it can the be shared w/ other family, friends, and teachers, w/ some being features on Make Beliefs Comix site

I highly recommend making a  Coronavirus Comic Diary by clicking here!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

* will send out two gift cards to the teachers that make the most new friends from April 6-9th.  To help promote safe "remote learning". is a excellent new social network for finding educational resources. curates their resources by common core standards and allows users to share (download/upload) files such as: videos, documents, PDFs, and more.  Best of all, the social networking aspects makes it easy to rate, comment, and collaborate w/ other educators to engage in best teaching resources and strategies.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out by clicking here!!!

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Monday, April 6, 2020


TutorEye is an excellent/affordable site for those looking to become an online tutor or those students looking for one.  TutorEye has tutors for any subject, are available everyday of the week (year round), and has state of the art homework help that breaks down how each problem is solved.

I highly recommend checking out TutorEye by clicking here!!!

Buncee for Remote Learning

Buncee, one of the most versatile learning tools around for: project base learning, digital storytelling, scrapbooking, and much much more, has just released a site for remote learning.  This is a great area for educators looking for ideas on how to help teach students remotely during school closures.  Remember, Buncee provides a digital canvas where the uses are limitless to create projects and lessons for your students.

I highly recommend checking out Buncee for Remote Learning by clicking here!!!

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Big Book Creator Activity Book

Need something fun to do w/ schools being closed?  I suggest checking out Book Creator's new activity book which can be shared and downloaded w/ an existing account.  Best of all, there's lots of different activities to choose from, such as: puzzles, math, storytelling, and much much more.

I highly recommend checking out Book Creator's Activity book by clicking here!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Otus for Remote Learning

Otus is an ideal tool for Remote Learning w/ schools being closed.  Their learning platform makes it easy for educators to build dynamic engaging lessons, deliver instruction, and then assess student learning.

Otus is a all-in-one mobile learning solution for schools that combines the best features of a: learning management system, data management system, and more.  The sleek new design, allows for easier functionality, a brighter customizable color interface, and real-time analytics and third party integration (i.e. Khan Academy), and of course Otus Worksheets.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Otus by clicking here!!!

For more information check out Otus on Technology and Learning.

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Lucid for Education

Lucid for Education is an excellent site for educators to create dynamic lessons/assignments that is ideal for collaborative and online learning.  Also, w/ Google Classroom and LucidChart integration users can easily make beautiful looking diagrams, outlines, and graphic organizers.  Lucid for Education is an excellent tool for educators looking to blend learning and even for remote learning as schools are closes throughout the world.

I highly recommend checking out Lucid for Education by clicking here!!!

For a great free digital toolkit for Distance Learning click here!!