Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is a nice little search engine which has a nice look to it. DDG is nothing fancy but it does allow the user to choose which result they want to see if there is multiple meanings to a word.

Below is the result from a search on the term, technology integration...

Give Duck Duck Go a try by clicking here.

Check out Free Technology 4 Teachers for a much more detailed review.


  1. Hi, thanks for the nice write-up about Duck Duck Go! I'm the founder :). I appreciate any feedback, so please let me know if you have more. We also have a new idea forum: http://ideas.duckduckgo.com/

  2. Hi David,

    Thank you very much for sharing great resources with us all the time! All of them are really useful to me. I recently stumble upon an article talking about top 10 search engines for students written by an educator, Jonathan Wylie.

    Here is the link. http://www.brighthub.com/education/k-12/articles/68370.aspx

    Hope this will be helpful to you as well :)



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