Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top 10 Sites for Creating Surveys/Polls

According to Wikipedia, "a survey/poll is a method for collecting quantitative information about items in a population." This is a tool that I have used on many of occasions to reflect on students and teachers thoughts about a given subject. While this can be done on paper, a more convenient way is to do it online on one of the sites below...

Top 10 Sites for Creating Surveys/Polls
  1. Strutta - Not just a site for creating polls but online contests as well. Strutta is ideal w/ it's educational instance which allows teachers to moderate all student content before being posted online.
  2. Runpolls - A very easy site to use w/ a drag & drop interface.
  3. Flisti - A simple poll creator that allows users to share w/ popular social networks.
  4. Obsurvey - A great site w/ a wiki-style interface that allows users to create surveys w/ different styles of questions (multiple choice, true/false, etc.).
  5. Survey Monkey - One of the best online sites for creating surveys. The free version offers 10 questions per survey, up to a 100 responses, and real-time results.
  6. Polldaddy - Similar to Survey Monkey, w/ a nice user interface.
  7. Vorbeo - A very easy to use site that lets users embed a poll directly into their blog/website.
  8. Text the Mob - A nice site to use w/ a large audience that allows people to text in their responses via a mobile device. Built-in filtering soon to come which would be ideal for schools.
  9. Insightify - A great collaborative website for creating online surveys.
  10. Yarp - A fun site to use for creating simple surveys that generates a unique URL.


  1. I'm missing Survey Prof in this list. Survey Prof is a free tool that has been made for students. It offers an unlimited amount of surveys, questions and responses.

  2. Polltopia ( is the new polling site which is absolutely free. The site has capability to block multiple votes to produce accurate poll result. It has US State and World Map analytic further classified by Age and Gender. You can comment on Polls or share to Facebook and Twitter. Additionally there is a point system and based on your point you may have more features. It is easy and simple.

    Hope that would help.

  3. I've been using Smart Survey ( )ever since switch from Survey Monkey.
    As far as I can gather, they claim they are the UK's top survey company but have yet to reach out to the rest of world.

    I would seriously urge others to check them out as they are far easier to use than Survey Monkey.

  4. Hi,
    Survey Face is a free online Survey tool, offers unlimited surveys, responses, Address book maintenance, Track responses and reminders, Automatic response alerts, PDF, EXCEL, CSV, HTML and XML Reports, Share Results, Password Protection and much more. You can visit Survey Face at

  5. I've tried over 10 sites until I found the best one for my polls and have never heard of the sites you listed here, but Survey Monkey and Poll Daddy. The best site for creating your own polls and surveys online is not even mentioned here - I'm very happy with them, give me all I need as an user and even provided a customized feature that I requested. Wish there were more companies like them around, starving to provide the best possible services to their customers!

  6. I've tried all of the sites mentioned above and actually quite a lot more, but the one that stood out most for me was Super Simple Survey. They don't have as big a name as Survey Monkey for example, but in terms of what they have to offer they are very much comparable. What is most obvious about them is their focus on simplicity, and this just makes it an awesome site with lots of potential.

  7. here is another site, this site is also paying their members for completing the survey. Till now I have completed around 15 surveys but I have got the reward for 12 surveys. when I asked them why I didn't receive the reward for rest of 3 surveys, they mentioned that my 3 surveys got rejected due to some data issues. I have received $50.00 reward in my Paypal Id. I'll recommend this site to everyone.

  8. Great list! Check you want to create or vote polls!

    It's easy, free, you can create scored quizzes and personality quizzes and also quizzes, questions, stories, groups.

  9. Hey looks like you have forgotten SoGoSurvey. Their Free package is excellent and has more no.of questions and responses per survey than what SurveyMonkey provides. It's a must-have for successful survey creation.


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