Sunday, September 26, 2010

5 Free 21st Century Presentations

Recently, I've had the opportunity to present and compile some presentations that I've done throughout the year. I've made these all available for free and allow people to edit them and use them as they desire. I feel these courses could offer a nice guide to educators who want to explore 21st Century/Web 2.0 technologies. I try to cover a wide range of areas such as building a PLN to blogging in the classroom.

  1. Cutting Edge Technology - A course that focuses on web 2.0 technologies and building a personal learning network (PLN).
  2. Digital Storytelling 4 Everyone - A list of sites arranged by grade level w/ a Voicethread example.
  3. Blogging 101 - A great way to introduce and use blogging in a classroom.
  4. 50 Sites in 60 Minutes - A collection of great websites that can be used in the classroom.
  5. Backchanneling in the Classroom - A nice way to learn how to use a backchannel channel chat in a classroom w/ a list of resources.

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  1. I learn and enjoy from your posts. My favorite storytelling site is . They now have a teacher landing page that makes it very easy to add student accounts.


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