Saturday, October 16, 2010 is a nice site for taking multiple URL's and turning it into one. This can be very handy when having to share a lot of sites w/ a person as it can save lots of time.

I recommend checking out by clicking here!

Thanks to the wonderful blog Life Feast for the tip!!


  1. Just as a note. I love as well. However, I was presenting at a conference one time and typed in the wrong furly url and the site had been hacked by a pornography site. So please be aware and always triple check before you share with others and be aware that this could happen.

  2. Unfortunately furly does not allow you to edit the sites once they are crated. This is why I am using

    It also loads all the pages at once, so switching is instant and painless.

    Stats are available for publishers with tonnes of useful data too. It simply rocks!


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