Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Edublog Awards Nominations

The annual Edublog Awards for 2011 are finally here.  This blog has been lucky enough to get nominated for best new blog and best resource sharing blog the last two years.  Here's hoping it gets nominated again ;-)

Of course feel free to nominate whoever you think deserves to be nominated and be sure to follow the instructions for the nomination process by clicking:

Here are my nominations

Best of luck to all nominees!!!


  1. Hi David!

    What great nominations! Thank you so much for nominating the Reform Symposium. It is the audience and educators like you that make it so meaningful of an experience! Maybe we can get you to do a presentation this year!

  2. I am very honored by your nomination of thinking of me for the Lifetime Achievement award. It is because of individuals like yourself David that inspire to do what I do and share with others my expertise, and all the while learn from others in the process. Thanks for all you do- you make a difference!

    Naomi Harm


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