Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MentorMob: The Magic of the Learning Playlist

MentorMob is a new (alpha) site that has been causing quite a stir lately in the education world, and for good reason!  At first glance MM might seem just like a site for curating the web, but it is much much more.  What it does differently from other sites out there is it allows users (teachers) to curate the web and then turn them into a "learning playlist".

A "learning playlist" is a collection of sites organized by a user (teacher) to teach others any given: subject, topic, unit, etc.  Best of all these playlists are very easy to create, can be embedded into a site, and be shared w/ others.  Also, these playlists can be collaborated on by others to help stimulate and facilitate learning (if allowed by the creator).  Plus, MM houses lots of playlists to choose from especially for education.

Here are a list of features that makes Learning Playlists so attractive for educators:

  • User Friendly - A teacher can create a playlist in minutes w/out any experience necessary.  There is a online walkthru that helps a user create a playlist step by step.
  • Privacy Controls - A teacher can set their playlist to public/private to determine who can and can't view or edit their playlist.
  • Sharing - Playlists can be embedded into a site (highly recommend for education) or shared w/ others via popular social networking sites.
  • Outline - A playlist can be viewed in outline mode.
  • Step by Step Learning - A student can learn a playlist going step by step through the playlist and checking off what they know.
  • Annotating - Playlists can be annotated as well as commented on for instruction and guided learning.
  • Visually Appealing - MM's playlists are very visually appealing w/ an innovative design that helps ignite learning.

The future looks bright for MentorMob as well as they look to soon launch MentorMob Pro w/ an Educator portal that allows educators to batch upload students w/ a lot more features such as: playlist usage/tracking, administrative controls, and more.

I highly recommend checking out MentorMob by clicking here!!!

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