Friday, August 31, 2012


Edshelf is one of my favorite sites to come around in 2012.  This is a great site for finding reviews and information on Ed Tech sites and Apps.  These reviews contain images and even videos.  Also, a registered user can curate their favorite sites into lists and share them w/ others.

I highly recommend checking out Edshelf by clicking here!!!

*Edshelf is a paid subscriber of Technology Tidbits.


  1. Edshelf aims to address problems that I’ve covered here on Hack Education before: there’s a ton of educational content online – websites, apps and the like. Edshelf hopes to become a go-to site where teachers can recommend to one another what’s worked for them, and it’s building a directory of educational materials that have been reviewed for educators by educators.
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  2. Edshelf is really useful website...


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