Monday, November 12, 2012

5 Dice

5 Dice is a free iOS app ideal for teaching order of operations in Math.  This is a great app that is a lot fun and quite challenging at times.  A person can use this app to practice their order of operation skills as well as use the handy white board to work out problems before answering the questions in the game.     I really think this app can be a handy tool for teachers, parents, and students looking to learn or strengthen their skills in learning order of operations.

I highly recommend checking out 5 Dice by clicking here!!

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  1. Popular 5 Dice: Order of Operations Game Math App is Now Available with Bluetooth Enabled Two Player Mode

    I'm excited to announce the latest update of 5 Dice Order of Operations Game app . The hands-on math game will now offer Bluetooth capabilities which will allow students to connect and play competitively or cooperatively with each other on two devices.

    Update Now! or Download it here:

    All of my math apps are in the process of being updated to support Bluetooth two player game mode and 5 Dice is the first, with 4 Dice following in a month or so.

    5 Dice will be remaining a free app so tell all your friends!


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