Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Language Nursery School

Language Nursery School is a wonderful iOS app for introducing young kids to foreign languages.  This app uses interactive nursery rhymes to expose children to 5 different languages such as: French, Spanish, English, and more.

I recommend checking out Language Nursery School by clicking here!!

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  1. Wow that's something amazing and innovative thing. It looks like very cool application for the kids to learn things whenever they want. Even i run a Nursery Schools in Hyderabad where kids come to learn a lot of things. Such innovative app will help kids to learn many languages other than English. Through this app they can learn languages whenever and wherever they want as it is stored in the mobile as well as on desktop. It is not only essential for the kids but also recommended for all age group. Thanks Dkapuler for sharing such an important post.

  2. Nice Article, So when you visit Best Pre Primary Schools
    look to see if teachers smile and are generally encouraging of children. Look to see how the teachers interact with the other children in the classroom and if there seem to be strong connections between them. Also talk to parents at the school about their experience.


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