Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Answer Pad

The Answer Pad is one of the best and easy to use free Student Response/Dialogue Systems for mobile devices.  It is fantastic learning tool that is being used by classrooms all around the world that allows educators to assess their students in real-time on their mobile devices.  The way this works is the educator creates from scratch or uses Common Core Aligned templates to create assignments, tests, quizzes, etc and then pushes them out to their student's mobile devices.  The students then complete the assignment and the teacher is able to view/assess their work.  This is a great way to differentiate instruction and even flip a lesson.

Also, there are other beneficial tools such as the ability to draw, annotate, create digital portfolios, important photos, and more to help save teacher's time.  Answer Pad is a great way to turn the classroom paperless as all test taking/reporting can be done on a mobile device.  Best of all, it is safe and CIPA/COPPA compliant where educators can create/import student accounts.

I highly recommend checking out The Answer Pad by clicking here!!!

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