Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Win a Free Chromebook

Intel has started a contest for educators asking them to follow @IntelEDU on Twitter and then tweet what their favorite feature is of the Chromebook w/ the hashtag #IntelChromebooks.  Also, they have created a new site w/ excellent resources (i.e study guides, tips, etc.)  for teachers looking to integrate Chromebooks in their classrooms.  Well renown educators such as Naomi Harm, Erin Klein, Lisa Nielsen, and Vicki Davis shared their knowledge on apps, integration, and overall use of the Chromebooks as well.  There is even a forum for teachers to share their teaching and strategies for using Chromebooks and encouraged to share in the discussion.  Finally, there are sample tweets and infographics that can be download to share w/ others and help pass the word along for getting Chromebooks out there.

I highly recommend checking out Intel's new Chromebook site and rules for the free contest giveaway by clicking here!!!!

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