Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Resources from PBS

Here is a cross post for holiday resources from PBS Learning Media.

Students use data and infographics to explore the changes in costs of ingredients for a typical Thanksgiving meal from one year to the next.
·         Thanksgivukkah | For grades 6-12
According to many in the Jewish community, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving have much more in common this year than just a calendar date.
·         Thanksgiving l For grades 3-12
This set of primary resources provides a window into the history of Thanksgiving, as well as a Teacher's Guide with historical context and teaching suggestions.
There are also more videos, lesson plans and activities tied to the upcoming holiday season. If you’re working on any holidays articles, please let me know and we can send you more info on these (and many more!) from PBS LearningMedia:
Sid’s Holiday Adventure | For grades PreK-1 
Christmas | For grades 2-6
Hanukkah | For grades 2-6 
Kwanzaa | For grades 2-6  
New Year’s Eve | For grades 2-6

Why do we Cook? | For grades 6-12 

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