Thursday, January 22, 2015

PDF to PowerPoint

PDF to PowerPoint is the free classroom productivity iOS app from Cometdocs.  This is a nice simple app to use to upload a PDF and turn it into a Powerpoint.  This is very handy for mobile learning and those teachers and students needing to convert their PDF's into presentations.  Here are some more features from their promotional email...

  1. The app can be used completely free.
  2. There is no other free PDF to PowerPoint iOS app on the market.
  3. Slides and text recognition is accurate and precise. The presentation will have the same layout as the original PDF, but will be completely editable in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides.
  4. Scanned PDFs (for example ones created with a mobile scanner) are supported as well.
  5. Size doesn’t matter, large files are also supported.
  6. Conversion quality is the same for all types of user. Premium subscription is valid for a lifetime and influences only the speed of conversion delivery.

I highly recommend checking out PDF to PowerPoint by clicking here!!!

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