Friday, May 29, 2015

Tiggly Words

Tiggly Words is a new learning system iPads that help develop early Literacy.

Here is more email from their promotional email...

"Tiggly Words is our first learning system focused on early literacy and allows us to create a complete learning journey when coupled with our existing products Tiggly Shapes and Tiggly Math (renamed from Tiggly Counts). Tiggly Words includes a set of colorful toy vowels that interact with three new, parent- and educator-approved Tiggly apps for iPad. The new learning system brings tactile play to the latest technology - opening up an entire world of educational possibilities for stretchy kids-- who seek challenges, learn from mistakes and love being creative! The system, as a whole, helps children aged 4-8 construct wacky words and solve the silliest problems-- problems that help them to become better readers, listeners, and talkers! See the system in action here.

Tiggly Words is available here starting today. We are also excited to announce we are expanding our product sales with new distribution in Target and Best Buy Canada stores!"

I highly recommend checking out Tiggly Words by clicking here!!!

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