Monday, July 20, 2015

Carrot Rewards

Carrot Rewards is an interesting new easy to use reward system for students.  It combines customized printable rewards (i.e stickers, certificates, etc) w/ online digital ones.  The way this works is once a student receives their printable reward on the back will be a 6 digit code they enter online to go into their "digital" MyStickers locker.  Best of all, an educator can manage/monitor student accounts to maintain all digital rewards rather then have to rely on the students to do it.  This is ideal for schools that don't want to give out physical rewards and rather stick w/ those that are digital.  Carrot Rewards is a great way to keep students motivated in a fun an engaging way.

*Carrot Rewards is for UK based schools.

I highly recommend checking out Carrot Rewards by clicking here!!!

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