Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mystery Word Town

Update - The most requested features from users is to add your own words to be able to customize the word lists in Mystery Word Town.  A user can even record their own voice to use in the game!!!

Mystery Word Town is the new game from Artigig Apps.  This mobile (iOS/Android) app follows the same familiar style as the Mystery Math Town games where a user has to travel through a town collecting letters to spell a word (instead of numbers to solve an equation).  Mystery Word Town features high replay value as students try to help the town's sheriff capture outlaws by spelling sight words.  They can interact w/ their environment and learn about the outlaws as they unlock new boards and characters.  Also, this game saves a user account that it makes it ideal for multiple users on the same device as well as the ability to select a users "game" level.

I highly recommend checking out Mystery Word Town by clicking here!!!

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