Friday, November 6, 2015

BoomWriter for Districts

BoomWriter the excellent free collaborative writing tool for schools has just released their district wide program.  This is a wonderful innovative way to integrate technology into the classroom.

More from their press release...

BoomWriter for Districts ensures that a complete education technology experience will be delivered to your teachers and students resulting in improved fiction and nonfiction reading, writing and content assessment skills, and enhanced vocabulary development.

Regardless of in-school computer/device access, elementary, middle and high school-grade students will demonstrate increased engagement and writing output levels, allowing teachers to better assess levels of understanding and writing proficiency while providing more personalized and impactful levels of instruction.

Program Benefits
  • Professional Development
    • On-site & On-demand Professional Development Sessions
    • Ongoing Technical and Educational Support
  • Enhanced Teacher Tools
    • PRO Memberships for all Participating Teachers
    • Online Assessment Tool and Growth Monitoring using Common Core-based Writing Rubrics
  • Copies of Published Stories and Textbooks
    • Group Published Stories and Textbooks for all Participating Students and Teachers
  • Analytics
    • Administrator Performance Data & Analytics Dashboard
I highly recommend checking out BoomWriter for Districts by clicking here!!!

*BoomWriter is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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