Monday, December 21, 2015


DimensionU is one of the leading companies around for creating innovative educational games in a 3D virtual world.  These games focus on Math & Literacy and are designed for grades 3rd-9th.  These game are designed for Common Core Standards and cover a wide variety of topics for each subject.  Best of all these games have high-replay, track student scores, and ideal for Game Based Learning.

Below are 4 DimensionU games...

Watch the videos below to see all 4 AMAZING DimensionU Games in action:
Meltdown is the DimensionU game
that offers students a second
chance when answering difficult
questions, and rewards creative
strategies to achieve victory.
Swarm is DimensionU's team-based
game that most strongly reinforces
cooperation and collaboration
between students to achieve a
common goal.
Towerstorm is the DimensionU
game that is best for working
through the most curriculum
in the shortest amount of time.
Velocity is DimensionU's
high-speed obstacle course that
ensures players answer questions
correctly in order to continue
progressing through the race.

I highly recommend checking out DimensionU by clicking here!!!

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