Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Quizalize: Student Insights that Matter

I’ve talked about Quizalize before in this review. Like Kahoot and Quizziz it is a classroom tool to assess and engage students. However, since I’ve last talked about it they have updated the tool significantly and it’s now an even better way to give a great educational experience to your students.

Unlike Quizziz and Kahoot, Quizalize provides in-depth data about your students results, highlighting their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as the performance of the class as a whole. It’s really easy to understand what the class as whole struggled with as well as what individual help to give to each student.

Not only that, Quizalize has introduced the concept of a team game you can project on your class’ whiteboard. When students play in class they are automatically added to one of two teams which compete for points (given for correct answers). This allows the whole class to be engaged while not demoralizing any of your underperforming students. In fact, you can easily spot them and give them the help they need. Students love playing the game again and again to get a better result! The team game is really a fun way for students to be engaged in their own improvement.

Other features that have been added include the ability to turn the timer off, have sounds on student devices as well as being able to randomize question order. There are now many more curated quizzes available on the marketplace and there seem to be more every day.

Quizalize is a great way to provide variety, to engage students and to quickly understand how they are performing.

I highly recommend checking out Quizalize by clicking here!!!

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