Friday, October 12, 2018


Edthena is a wonderful site/app for professional development that uses an innovative "video coaching" approach.  This is done through a very user-friendly browser based interface where educators can record themselves right from the web (i.e. they can upload recorded videos as well).  Once the video is recorded/uploaded they can share them w/ other educators for collaboration, tag them, add comments, and more.  This is ideal for professional development as it helps highlight best teaching practices, gives educators a safe/comfortable place to learn, and makes it easy for self reflection.  Finally, Edthena's coaching/learning platform tracks and monitors teachers activity and progress while generating detailed reports, making it a vital tool for tech directors, tech integration specialists, and directors of curriculum and instruction.

Below is an example of Edthena in action...

I highly recommend checking out Edthena by clicking here!!!

For another great review check out Class Tech Tips.

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