Thursday, November 15, 2018

10 Sites for Checking Plagiarism

"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work. (wikipedia)".  Plagiarism has been a "test of time" in schools dating back to the beginning of education.  However, technology has made it easier for teachers and student's to check for plagiarism and make sure that one's work is original, leading me to creating the following list...

*This list is in alphabetical order.

10 Sites for Checking Plagiarism

  1. BibMe - Not only does BibMe check for plagiarism, it checks for grammar allows for proper citation to prevent stealing other's work.
  2. EduBirdie - A free tool where a user can upload or copy/paste text into the submission field, to receive a report detailing what words and phrases are unique or "stolen" w/ listed sources.
  3. Grammarly - A great site where users can check for plagiarism and get recommendations for citations on sources that need to be properly credited.
  4. Noplag - A excellent online plagiarism, spell, and grammar checker for teachers and students.
  5. OuiWrite - An innovative all-in-one site that checks for plagiarism, but acts as a writing assistant for student's papers automatically searching/citing sources as they go along.
  6. PaperRater - A nice site for students want to check grammar, spelling, and plagiarism.
  7. PapersOwl - A convenient free plagiarism checker that students can use to detect their work and get detailed reports.
  8. PlagTracker - A wonderful site for uploading a document and then scanning for plagiarism w/ accurate reports.
  9. Plagiarisma - A simple little site for pasting in text to check for plagiarism.
  10. QueText - A fantastic site where a user can copy/paste or upload text to detect plagiarism and generate detailed reports.

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