Thursday, December 20, 2018

Top 25 Sites/Apps of 2018

It's the time of year again for my favorite annual sites and apps.  Again, this years list sees a lot of tools for STEM that focuses on programming/coding.  As w/ any of my previous annual top lists, all tools listed in previous posts will not be eligible for this years'.

Top 25 Sites/Apps of 2018

  1. YO Teach! - With Today's Meet shutting down this year, Palms created a very user friendly tool for creating a "backchannel" that can be used in any number of ways in education.
  2. Book Creator - A fantastic mobile (iOS/Chrome) app for creating stunning eBooks/presentations, that can be used for digital storytelling, project based learning, and more.
  3. Think Fluency - A wonderful iOS/Google Play app for assessing a student's reading fluency.  This is all done w/out the user of paper, provides instant real-time feedback, and saves teacher's valuable time.
  4. Dystopia 2153 - An innovative new site that teaches programming/coding through the use of game based learning and graphic novels.
  5. Night Zookeeper - A excellent new free writing tool filled w/ interactive lessons as well as an educational portal to help teachers track and monitor student progress.
  6. Hippo Video - One of my favorite sites around for creating digital videos that can be used to "flip" a classroom or create explainer videos.
  7. TypeTastic - The best site around for student's K-12 (w/ educational portal) learning how to type/keyboard.
  8. Socrates - A cutting-edge new site where educators can seamlessly differentiate instruction through game based learning.
  9. Project Pals - A great all-in-one collaborative learning platform that is ideal for project based learning.
  10. I Know It - One of my favorite new free sites around for Math grades K-5.  Best of all, the educators can assign lessons and track student progress.
  11. Oodlu - A excellent new site/app for creating games that lets parents or educators track student progress.
  12. Klassroom - A free mobile (Android/iOS) that reminds me of a cross between Remind and ClassDojo, where educators can share: photos, videos, or documents in a secure environment.
  13. Badaboom - A new game based learning tool (similar to Kahoot) where educators can make quizzes/games to assess student's learning.
  14. Edji - An innovative new site for annotating texts for collaborative learning.
  15. Elementari - A fun site for digital storytelling and project based learning where students can create: digital stories, portfolios, or choose-your-own adventures.  There is an educational portal in the works for easier student tracking/management.
  16. Codemoji - A cool new sites where grades 1st-8th can learn how to program/code through the use of emojis.
  17. Pixorize - A intersting site for US History that reminds me of ThingLink where students learn facts through the use of pictures.
  18. Reading Racer - A wonderful new iOS app that uses speech recognition to assess a student's Reading ability/comprehension.
  19. CodeCombat - A fantastic way for educators to teach programming/coding through an innovative game.
  20. UMU - A excellent mobile app (iOS/Android) that can be used in a any number of different ways.  Educators are using it for assessing students, creating quizzes/games, professional development, and even for blended learning.
  21. Waypoint EDU - An innovative new iOS app that uses augmented reality to let educators create  scavenger hunts or geocaching.
  22. Grasshopper - A cool mobile app (iOS/Android) that teaches students how to code in Javascript through fun puzzles/games.
  23. Typing Agent - A great web based typing/keyboarding tool for grades K-12 w/ lots of features such as: multiplayer games, certificates, type-to-code, and more.
  24. Khan Academy Kids - A new iOS/Google Play app for finding educational resources for Math, Reading, Writing, and more.
  25. ClassPad - Is a free digital scratch paper that students can use to solve all their Math problems.

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