Monday, May 13, 2019

Buncee Ideas Lab

A few weeks ago Buncee announced the release of their Buncee Idea Lab.  This is an excellent place for educators and students to find resources/ideas to use Buncee, such as: templates, lessons plans, book journals, and more.

Buncee is the fantastic all-in-one tool that schools have been using for a number of years in a wide variety of ways such as: digital storytelling, as an assessment tool, differentiating instruction, flipping a lesson, project based learning, and much much more.  Also, Buncee has lots of educational resources, templates, lesson plans, and more to help teachers integrate Buncee into any curriculum.  Best of all, the educational portal allows educators to track and monitor student progress,
create/assess assignments, and much much more.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Buncee's Idea Lab by clicking here!!!

For a more detailed review check out Monica Burn's wonderful blog.

*Buncee is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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