Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Sites/Apps Every Teacher should try for Back to School

Regardless of if you're making a New Year's resolution to integrate new, more or better technology into your teaching in 2019, here are a few outstanding tools that almost every teacher should consider with school right around the corner:

*In alphabetical order
  1. 30hands Learning - An excellent Learning Management System as well as digital storytelling app for 21st Century Learner.
  2. Answer Pad - A fantastic Student Response System that lets educators seamlessly assess students, differentiate instruction, and turn their classroom paperless.
  3. Answerables - An innovative cross between Learning Management System and Game Based Learning that can be integrated into any curriculum to teach any subject.
  4. Book Creator - The world's leading eBook creator for education that can be used in a wide variety of ways.
  5. BoomWriter - BoomWriter is a Google for Education Partner that lets teachers conduct fiction, nonfiction, and vocabulary-focused group writing activities. In addition to motivating students with an interactive platform and highly engaging online environment, BoomWriter provides teachers the perfect vehicle to deliver individualized feedback and writing instruction. Teachers can also select from BoomWriter's wide range of offerings from quick and easy to create homework assignments in any subject to class story-writing activities resulting in each student becoming a published author!
  6.  Buncee - Buncee is a fantastic learning tool and digital canvas that educators are using in a wide variety of ways (i.e. flipped classroom, project based learning, digital storytelling, etc.)  Educators are loving new features such as: Ideas Labs, Boards, and Immersive Reader.  Best of all, is the educational portal that allows teachers to create and manage students as well as a wide variety of educational resources/templates to help educators integrate Buncee into their curriculum.
  7. Chronicle Cloud - A cutting edge all-in-one iOS app for teachers for taking notes, assessing students, providing feedback, and more.
  8. ClassHook - One of my favorite sites around for finding educational videos and video clips for your classroom.
  9. EDpuzzle - EDpuzzle is a wonderful website that educators around the world are using to          "flip" their classroom or lesson.  This tool lets any user take a video and "make" it their own      by adding questions or voice to assess their audience's learning.  This makes it easy to                differentiate instruction.  Also, EDpuzzle has a fantastic online curriculum which makes it        easy for educators to find resources to meet their needs.
  10. Education Galaxy - A new site for grades K-6 that uses Game Based Learning to help students in a wide variety of subject.  Also, Education Galaxy is great for assessing student's needs and to help integrate Self Paced Learning.
  11. GooseChase - A wonderful new site for easily creating digital scavenger hunts for your classroom.
  12. I Know It - A fantastic site for interact Math practice for grades K-5.  Also, educators can assign lessons, assess students, and differentiate instruction.
  13. Oodlu - A innovative new app/site that lets educators create "arcade" style games for their students.
  14. Otus - A excellent all-in-one mobile learning solution for schools that combines the best features of a Learning Management System and Data Management System.
  15. Socrates - A great new site where educators can asses students and differentiate instruction through a unique Game Based Learning system.
  16. Storyboard That - Storyboard That is a widely popular website that teachers are using to            integrate technology in their classroom.  This is a great learning tool that educators are using      for project based learning, graphic organizers, digital storytelling, writing prompts, and much    much more.  Also, there are lots of lesson plans, assignments, and templates, for teachers to      choose from to help meet their needs.
  17. Super Teacher Worksheets - One of my favorite sites around for finding educational resources, worksheets, printables, puzzles, and more, for a wide variety of subjects.  
  18. ThinkFluency - ThinkFluency is an innovative new iOS app that lets teachers easily assess        student's Reading fluency.  Best of all, the scoring is done in real-time and generates detailed    reports that can then be shared w/ others.  Finally, ThinkFluency helps create individualized      instruction plans for students, saves teacher's time, and makes assessing super-easy.
  19. TypeTastic - A excellent K-12 site for educators integrating keyboarding/typing into their curriculum.  Best of all are the wide variety of resources and ability to track students progress.
  20. YoTeach - YoTeach is one of my favorite new sites for creating a backchannel chat.  This is a great way to gauge your students and increase student participation.

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